Session 39 – At The Members Only Pool…

Monday, September 3rd, as I’d said in the previous posting, Liz and I set off to the club members only pool (KF-WL2) located at the venue I visited on the previous Friday.

This pool is a fair bit larger than the day ticket pool albeit still not a large water and consists of two parts really – the ‘old’ part which was the original part of the pool and the ‘new’ part which is the extension made by the club and the pool owner several years ago and which has greatly increased its overall size. It’s also been stocked with carp which seem to be growing well and also has its original native population of roach, rudd, bream, perch and bream among others.2018-09-03 01

Setting off from home at a little after 0700, and with a slight detour to a Sainsbury’s in the hope of getting Liz a cap – she’d left hers at home – we arrived on site and were at our elected swims at around 0745.

Our swims were on a ‘spit’ – basically it indicates where the ‘new’ and ‘old’  sections are connected – so from the end of the spit you can cast in front of yourself and be in ‘old’ or ’new’ water – however, at this point the ‘old’ water is only about two feet deep but drops quickly to around four feet over on the ‘new’ side.

The ‘old’ pool had a lot of floating weed – some curly pondweed but mainly species of elodea… the ‘new’ side seemed quite clear visually but there was a lot of bottom weed and the fish hooked made full use of it generally being landed festooned in it… and the water level, like the day ticket pool, was down from its usual by 18”-24”.

I fished the end of the spit casting out with my float rigged rod slightly left and about 15 yards out. I didn’t use cereal groundbait, just catapulted regular small catapults full of mixed hemp, maize, wheat, rice and maggots into the area. Liz fished at the neck of the spit as per usual casting out her frame feeder rod towards a small island.

Baits – I tried worm/maggot, sweetcorn, and meat but only had bites on the worm/maggot combination and Liz used meat, sweetcorn and maggot.

We made our first casts at around 0815 in what was then quite a mild and calm start of the day – however, that soon changed to grey overcast skies and with a moderate cool, if not actually chilly, breeze and we had a couple of periods of fine misty droplets in the air although it never developed into the proper rain that it seemed likely too.

So, I started off the day’s proceedings with a tench of 1lb 15oz at 0905…. which was followed by steady procession of perch (24 in all) and the occasional rudd throughout the day taken on the worm/maggot cocktail. The perch ranged from one so small that the worm it took was far bigger than itself (5 to the ounce type!) to a nice one of 1lb 6oz with about 4-5 of 8-12oz, the rest being around 2-4oz ….

Liz had a slow start to the day and by midday was still biteless …. but then started to get twitches and her maggot baits being stolen which eventually turned into a success capture of a 4oz roach – and quickly after that a nice tench of 3lb 13oz – taken on maggot sweetcorn cocktails.

And that was our day, packing up at 1615 and heading back home via our local for the traditional end of day beverage.

I have since realised its now September – and I usually take water temperatures during the September-March period – so better pack my thermometer ready for the next trip!

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