Session 32 – Crabbing….

Well, Liz and I did have an hour or so crabbing in Aberdovey on Sunday 22nd July off a sort of small wooden pier.

Had a wonderful time …. NOT!

Spoilt by a group of about 5 ‘yoof-ful’ 15/16 year old brats in wet suits who insisted on jumping off the pier and doing ‘bomb’s over where Liz and I were crabbing. Very brave in the water but not brave enough to climb out to to take up my invitation to be taught some manners – and even shoving one in elicited no more courage being shown…. Mind you, the hard and tough Wolverhampton accent probably put them off! LOL!

Still, Liz and I did catch – and I won the crabbing mantle and crown with a score of 19-18 … and that included a 5 crab bonus I gave Liz as she lost her weight and so took a while for her bait to hit bottom…

An Asian couple were going to cooking up crab stew it seemed as they had a carrier bag full – but were cheating as they were using crab drop nets. All credit though as they returned the smaller ones to grow on….

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