Session 31 – An Afternoon Session….

Monday 16th July and, as planned, Liz and I set off from the house heading to a club pool (KF-WL2) hoping for some tench action at 1200 … the late start being due to a possible need to fulfil a doctor’s appointment but after speaking to the doctor on a triage call she has booked me to visit her on Friday 20th… but we had decided to do an afternoon/evening session anyway at Liz’s request for a lie-in…

We arrived at the pool – there are actually 2 pools on site – a small ‘pond’ that we allow day tickets on (but full of good sized fish with large perch and double figure carp resident) and a larger members-only pool – and we hadn’t really decided which to fish on arrival but there was more chance of tench in the larger pool so we headed there… but it was good to see the abundant bottom to surface weed in the smaller pool of previous weeks had done the usual suicidal spurt of growth, used up all the available nutrients and died back, so possibly we’ll re-visit it in the near future.

With no-one else on either of the pools we had a free choice of swims and Liz chose her usual location at the shoulder of a spit … and although usually I fish at the end of the spit, this session I decided to fish the other shoulder. And basically the spit shows the location of where the original pool was enlarged … to the right is ‘old’ pool, to the left is ‘new’ pool … so Liz fished ‘new’ and I fished ‘old’ pool..

Liz fished a single rod with frame feeder using sweetcorn, meat and maggot baits whilst I chose to floatfish close to overhanging bushes and out in open water at various times feeding by hand and catapult.

Results were not spectacular – no hoped for tench for either of us – but Liz had a nice perch of 1lb 4oz on meat whilst I had possibly 30 or more mixed perch and roach but apart from 2 perch of 4-6oz and a couple of 3-4oz roach the rest together wouldn’t have made 4oz IMO…

A bit of rain – mainly short light sessions apart from slightly longer and heavier spell of 30 minutes or so.

And we packed in at 1815 … and called in at one of our locals for quick pint on the way back…. would be rude to go past without saying ‘hello’! LOL.

2018-07-16 Liz - 1lb 4oz Perch 01
1lb 4oz Perch – Best Fish Of The Day

As for the future, well, we’re off for a long weekend’s break, camping in Twywn on Saturday 21st and returning on Tuesday 24th. So Friday will be packing and prepping the car ready for the start of the journey and the Tuesday return means I won’t be able to get out again until Friday 28th … which I’ll obviously do but have not decided the what/where/how yet. However, although we’re not taking ‘tackle’, we will be taking our crab lines and undoubtedly be having a few hours crabbing – especially as our usual annual ‘Crab Wars’ earlier in the year was a dismal failure with a 0-0 result….

So the next blog is likely to be a bit ‘crabby’ LOL…. and written on Wednesday 26th … as we are ‘roughing’ it in a 3-man pop-up tent in a location with bare essential services … and writing on a mobile phone, at the best of times, internally hurts a donkey! ;) So it will be done when we get home, on a proper keyboard, with proper internet connections…

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