Session 9 – 2018 – There And Back Again …. In Superfast Time.

Thursday 22nd 2018 was my latest outing as the planned Monday trip was aborted before we even left the house due to persistent heavy drizzle – and would have been touch and go anyway as there had been had light drizzle overnight and the pool lies at the bottom of the slope and the area get quite boggy easily – and even the previous trip without rain, etc was a bit of a muddy experience.

Anyway, set off on my own this morning at 0700, arriving at my chosen pool for the day (AA-GH) around 0730 .,.. put the thermometer in the water to stabilise, fed the swim, and started to tackle up …. then stomach problems arose that necessitated a rapid retreat with the tackle thrown willy-nilly in the car … and the race home started … and arrived back at 0830….

So, that was my session for the day – and it’s looking like the next chance to get out will be two weeks hence as the weather forecast is saying that for at least the next 10 days from tonight the night time air temps are going to drop to minus 2’C or even lower and daytime temps will only be reaching a maximum of plus 3’C – so looks likely that all the pools will be frozen over within a day or two and like remain like that for the rest of the fortnight…

I did get the water temp today though – the one positive of the day… and it was 4.5’C … around a degree warmer than the past few readings. But as I say looks like it’ll be dipping back down soon…

WATER TEMPS:ScreenHunter 15

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