The New Year Is Here…. So Looking Ahead….

Happy New Year to all!

Well, the 2018 New Year has arrived and I’m looking forward to the year ahead…

Although not the best start as a ‘hiccup’ has arisen with my start of year plans – a planned piking cum first pole fishing trip for tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd) has been put aside due to bad weather forecast so first outing likely to be the canal luring/wobbling session I’d planned as a follow-up.

So what do I plan for the New Year fishing…

  1. I took out club cards to fish a local reservoir for bream mainly in May 2017 – I took 2 cards as each card only allows the use of one rod at a time – and they run May 1st to the following April 31st. As I’ve only been to the reservoir twice, and I blanked both times, I’ve decided that I’ll not be renewing when they expire. It’s not so much the blanks but that I’m a member of two other clubs, both of whom have exceptional waters, and I find I tend to get pulled towards fishing their waters and so the new cards are not cost effective for me. However, as I say, the cards don’t expire until the end of April so I may get out on some of the other waters available before then, one of them is a pike pool that I’ve been meaning to try.
  2. I had intended to not renew my Birmingham AA (BAA) card for 2018 and instead to get a Wolverhampton AA (WAA) one. The main point of the BAA card was to access the local canals in the summer for early morning sessions (0300-0900) before the boat traffic kicked off for the day. And a BAA card (senior) is £30, whereas the WAA (senior) one is £10 and the WAA water adjoins the BAA one. However, I’d forgotten I paid my BAA by Direct Debit – and their renewal, 2018, card arrived in the post just after Christmas. So, sticking with the BAA card, for at least 2018, now. But then again the WAA only have ‘local’ canal water holdings whilst the BAA offer more, and varied types of, waters over a wider area eg, pools, rivers (large eg Severn – and small  eg Sow – and intermediate eg Teme) as well as the canal waters…
  3. Leading on from (2) above … I’m looking forward to trying some of the different waters available from both my two main club’s memberships that I’ve not yet explored plus some available waters via the BAA card – mainly a large reservoir, some upper and lower reaches of the Severn….
  4. In the near future I’m intending a canal session lure fishing for zander – a species I’ve not yet caught – plus some river zander trips.
  5. Trips to the Warks Avon – my favourite flowing water currently – in search of pike and zander over the rest of the winter and into spring and then for bream in the spring/summer/autumn….
  6. Setting a few new Personal Bests… especially a 5lb+ tench, a 7lb+ bream, a 3lb+ perch, a 5lb+ chub, a 25lb+ pike and a 7lb+ barbel. I’m not really a ‘carp’ person but if a 20lb+ wanted to take my bait, well then, who am I to argue? J But, of those listed, the barbel, although it looks the easiest on paper (esp as I live close to the Severn), is probably the one least likely to happen as I don’t tend to visit the Severn that often – probably 4-5 times a year – as I prefer stillwaters and if I do fish a river its generally the Warks Avon which is really more like a canal than the fast running Severn in nature…
  7. Enjoying my days at the waterside – whether they be mega-catch or mega-blank ones… there’s nothing quite  compares to a single tap on the rod tip, a dip of the float, a single beep of the bite alarm … all boost the adrenaline levels for the next few days. Whoever says that climbing 1000’ cliffs unaided, driving F1 cars at full speed, bungie jumping, riding a roller coaster without being strapped/locked in, etc are the most exciting things in life – well, it’s obvious they’ve never been fishing – and you just have to feel sorry for them don’t you!!!??

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