I Have A Gap In My Diary Appear – So I SHALL Go Fishing Before The New Year!!!

Yes … due to the combination of *almost* being ready for Christmas and Liz starting her work shift later than usual and thus the car being free for a while, it appears that I have a free slot tomorrow (Friday 22nd Dec) when I’ll be able to wet a line for a few hours…

I’m aiming to head to the local Staffs-Worcs canal (the exact part of which is yet to be decided) with my canal pike rod (actually a Ron Thompson 12′ 3lb TC, bass rod) and primarily float fish sprats (single hook through dorsal muscle) on the drift but also the rod will be set up so that I can remove the float and the slotted weight, clip on a heavier lead and change the wire trace to suit a whole or half sardine ledgered hard on the bottom or popped-up with the addition of balsa sticks into the bait while I rest with a cuppa. I’m hoping that there’ll be a reasonable drag on the canal so the float and bait will travel along naturally and I’ll just walk alongside it – if not, then it’ll be 10-20 minutes per spot and then move on down to next one.

I’ve already loaded the bits’n’bobs of tackle I’ll need into my bag – just need to tackle up the rod now to as I how I want it – and sort some baits out of the freezer – and make a flask in the morning….

So watch this space!!! :)

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