Two Weeks Without Fishing…

Today is Thursday 30th November and is almost two weeks since my last waterside outing – the club’s Fur’n’Feather match which actually seems to have been months ago on the 18th.

It’s not been an intentional break – and seems to happen around this time every year anyway with my fishing being somewhat curtailed in November and December due to need to prepare for the approaching Christmas plus, being diabetic, I get called into the doctor’s for blood sampling, etc pre-annual diabetic MOT meeting. Also weather and conditions usually aren’t very enticing – cold, wet and windy with leaves floating or lying on the bottom of still waters or being washed down by the current in rivers or on the canals just one boat passing churns up the decaying vegetation and prevents fishing for hours on end due to the detriment attaching to the line…

And this year I’ve also had several doctor/dentist visits in the past month about a lump thats appeared on my inner upper lip – and I’ve another visit to the hospital on Tuesday 5th December for treatment … and this week I’ve had wisdom tooth trouble that the hospital consultant is going to also deal with by extraction on my visit….

Anyway, still hoping to get out at least a couple of times before Christmas – but first I’ve got to sort my tackle out which is still lying in the garage where I dropped it on return from the match. And as its loaded with river gear I need to swap everything over to the pool/pike/canal stuff once I’ve made a decision where …

The two poles I put on eBay sold OK – but only recovered half the money they originally cost but at least got something. The new 8 metre pole arrived OK – had a bit of a problem with getting the bung out as it was fitted about 6” up the section with no easy way to to able to attach to it for elastic replacement but eventually it was managed and I’ve since added a length of 50lb nylon to it that dangles freely out of the end of the pole section by a couple of inches and so allows easy bung withdrawal. And I’ve added one of those universal end kit sets (and various elastics, inner and tip bungs, connectors, etc) to my Santa list :) The pole is currently fitted with a number 8 solid elastic and I plan to replace that with an 8-12 hollow elastic (for canal perch and chub) and fit a 12-16 hollow elastic to the extra end kit (for pool fishing where carp exist). I’ll probably also prepare a lighter elastic (4-8) on a bung so that I can take out and replace the 8-12 elastic for lighter fishing (eg livebait catching) as need be – or possibly get another top kit and pre-fit in that. I’ll have to see how it all works – and if I get on with it! And I still need to sort out various end rigs for what I’ve already got and what I need to do with it… :)

Well, hopefully I’ll get back with a posting or two on here before Christmas but if not ….


2 responses to “Two Weeks Without Fishing…”

  1. Thanks for you thoughts!

    Well, consultant did say he’d fit me in to treat it (didn’t say how though! :)) on Tuesday – along with pulling of the errant wisdom tooth…. Not a good thing though, sitting in the corridor awaiting the consultation with every poster on the wall about mouth cancer – and November being ‘Mouth Cancer Month’! :( However, consultant’s demeanour was positive so think just a cyst type thing. :)

    Hate this time of year – cold and damp – and the dampness means it pervades through whatever you wear, even the best of thermals. Later it might be actually colder but the humidity drops and actually you can deal with it OK …. roll on January!!

    Best wishes to you and yours too for Christmas and the New Year!


  2. Hope all is ok Steve with your lip. I haven’t been out either as I’ve lost 5st since April and the cold is killing me! Have a great Christmas both of you.


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