Session 59 – Perch, Carp And Bits

On Monday 13th November, at 0730 Liz and I headed to a club pool (KF-VV) for a session of ‘general’ coarse fishing arriving at around 0815 on a quite frosty white morning. On leaving the house the car’s thermometer was registering -1.0’C and enroute it dropped to -2.5’C through the countryside but by arrival at the pool it had risen to +1.0’C. However, there was barely a breeze and the water was mirror flat all day long so it actually felt quite mild without any wind chill … and on leaving the water at 1530 the car’s thermometer had risen to 6.5’C…

The water temps themselves were quite low – the lowest yet of this autumn/winter by a good 3’C – lying between 6.0’C-6.3’C. Possibly the pool is more susceptible than most to temperature changes in that it lies on a plateau that overlooks the Severn valley and thus with the height and being open to the elements responses to changing air temps, etc happen far quicker…..

And Liz and I had the pool to ourselves all day long – ‘millionaire fishing’ as we call it…

We decided to fish an area of the pool that is known as ‘chub alley’ – it has two swims along one side of a small peninsula that face another peninsula with overhanging bushes separated by about 10 yards of water between. And the overhanging bushes create a chub ‘magnet’ area… anyway, I chose the swim at the start of the peninsula and Liz took up the end peg….

Myself, I chose to floatfish maggot and worm on a single rod (6lb line, size 16 hook) concentrating in the corner where the far end of the bridge met the far bank, whilst Liz elected to fish two rods (8lb line, size 12/16 hooks) with cage feeders loaded with crumb, meat and maggots with meat on one line, maggots on the other.

I had a good day catching a fair few ‘bits’ (small roach, perch and gudgeon) along with common carp of 2lb 10 oz along with a beautiful looking one of 4lb 14oz – and also my best fish of the day, a 2lb 4oz perch in pristine condition. This was my second best ever perch, my PB being 2lb 8oz. I also had 2 or 3 hook pulls on good fish too when trying to prevent them gaining the sanctuary of the far bank vegetation.

However, Liz didn’t fare so well… she was having takes especially on the meat (small punched cylinders of Bacon Grill) but either the bait was being dropped or the takes missed on the strike … and only had a few silvers and small perch to around 4oz-6oz.

So come 1500 we decided to call it a day and head to our local hostelry for a closing beverage before heading back home…


Min:                  6.0’C
Max:                 6.3’C
Average:          6.2’C


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2 responses to “Session 59 – Perch, Carp And Bits”

  1. Quite chuffed by it…. and carp was excellent condition and colouring too.


  2. Beautiful perch, Steve.


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