I’ve Been Honoured!! :)

There’s a guy by the name of Stewart Bloor, who is a well known angling blogger, who has blogged for many years and issued has a blog EVERY Saturday since he began – and this week’s blog is actually number 746! So I make that in the region of 15 years? And he also has a load of videos, which usually form part of his weekly blogs available on YouTube – search the name :)

Originally his blogs were solely angling based but have since evolved into a combined angling/football one – and he is now involved with promotion of the New Saints Football club – and is also a reverend – hence his blogger name of ‘The Angling Rev’.

See: https://theanglingrev.com

Stewart lives locally to me – and we are also mutual members of a local club too – but we have never actually met in the flesh. There have been a few close calls on the waterside banks when we’ve both been on the same water on the same day, and even fished the same swim on at least one occasion but at different times of the day. But one day I’ m sure it will happen – and I’m looking forward to that day :)

And in Stewart’s latest blog posting Number 746 (https://theanglingrev.com/2017/10/28/welcome-to-my-world-blog-entry-746/) he has mentioned the works of other bloggers – and maintains a link on his site to those other blogger’s sites – and has started a ‘blogger of the week’ mention in his posts … and guess who has had the honour to have become the first selection! Moi!! :) So many thanks, Stewart!

My blogs started almost as a diary to myself – and to a large extent I still treat it as such albeit I have picked up a few followers along the way now – and possibly I’ll gather a few more now due to Stewart’s mention :)

I generally fish twice a week – Mondays and Fridays being the usual days and I blog each session within a couple of days. I’m not a carp fanatic much preferring perch, bream, tench – and barbel and chub but my river fishing trips, although I intend to do much more each year but never do, are sparse. Favourite fish, above all others, pike! And like Stewart I love the mini-species too – especially the ‘daddy’ ruffe…. For more, just read the blog! LOL!

So to all my current followers I say thanks for your comments and sticking with me, and to any new readers/followers I say ‘Welcome, hope you enjoy my writings!’ and all comments, etc are very welcomed.

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    Gordon J Robinson

    I like it….


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