NOT ONLY Session 51 – But Sessions 52 And 53 Too ……

This is an all very short and sweet report of the three sessions I had whilst on holiday at the pool of Lakeside Holiday Village in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset where we stayed from Monday 9th to Monday 16th October….

So, Session 51 was a short lure fishing session of about an hour or so on Monday 9th with Liz…. as usual we arrived on site early at around noon so that we could have a short session on the pool and a beer or two in the clubhouse before getting the keys to the caravan which become available around 1530. We tried spinners and small lures without any success at all….

Session 52 was a solo outing by me starting at around 0700 and fishing until 1130 before heading back to the caravan for breakfast and followed by an afternoon up in the town. A tree had fallen into the water at the far left side of the pool and looked a stereotypical Mr Crabtree “There be pike in those branches, Peter” scenario – however, even after baiting up the area with smashed up anchovy and float fishing a sardine deadbait at various depths from on bottom (depth of  approx 55”) to 24”, static and drifting, near and far from the tree not a single touch was to be had…


Session 53 was a day’s general bait fishing for bream/carp/etc with Liz, fishing from around 0900 to 1530. We both fished on feeders with maggot, meat and sweetcorn (and I discovered I’d not packed my worms before setting off from home)…. And, once again, same result as the previous two sessions with not even a sucked maggot.



Min:                 14.9’C
Max:                15.5’C
Average:         15.2’C


ScreenHunter_28 Oct. 18 08.14

Back home now and planning session 54 to be a pike session on a pool with deadbaits and, hopefully and if I can catch any, livebaits too on Friday 20th.

I’ve had a bit of luck regarding obtaining some double paddled handles as I mentioned I wanted but couldn’t find anywhere in the previous posting. After posting on a forum, I’ve had a couple of offers to buy spare ones plus, possibly, a commercial source. I’m in touch with one of the offerers and aiming to send monies for 3 handles today or tomorrow…. after that and if all works ok with them on my reels I’ll contact the other guy…

2 responses to “NOT ONLY Session 51 – But Sessions 52 And 53 Too ……”

  1. Hopefully!
    Feeling confident I will … but always do! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry you didn’t catch mate. Fingers crossed for Friday.


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