Session 49 – Float Fishing On A Pool

Monday, September 25th I set off to a club pool (KF-VV) that I’d not visited in a while. A mixed, commercial type, fishery with a lot of species in there from carp, the usual silvers, tench, perch, barbel, and chub and probably others too.

It was a ‘mucky’ day with misty drizzle on arrival at around 0730 and later was interspersed thoughout the day with dry, bright spells and spells of heavier rain too until around 1400 when it became quite pleasant – and by the time I left at 1600 most of the gear had dried out.

Mucky Morning

I elected to fish the bank to the right of the picture to the far end of the conifers, a swim that faced a small island, and one that Liz and I used to fish as our ‘usual’ swim but tend to have drifted off to favour another one these days. However, it seemed that a fair few decent fish seemed to have been taken over this area fairly recently so I thought I’d give it a go.

So I started to bait up the and another brave soul arrived and he elected to fish the swim opposite – although mostly out of sight due to the intervening island – and he left at around 1200 I think as I didn’t actually see him go but noticed his absence later… and I think he caught as I think I saw him with his landing net in use but not sure…

Baited up with red coloured crumb, with hemp/wheat particles, a tin of creamed rice pudding and a good dash of hemp infused oil added…. and over the day I catapulted out maggots as I fished.

Bait for the day was maggot and worm fished on 6lb line under a 4g dumpy bodied waggler on size 10 and 16 hooks using both laid on/lift method and on-the-drop methods.

A lot of carp were cruising the surface over the day but small free fed marshmallows elicited only brief investigations by those and but more so by the smaller silvers.

I ended my session at 1545 having caught a fair few small fish of several species – gudgeon, roach, bream and perch – with a couple of bigger bream at around 8oz and the best fish of the day was a 2lb 8oz bream.

2017-09-25 Steve - 2lb 8oz Bream
2lb 8oz Bream


Min:                 15.2’C
Max:                15.5’C
Average:         15.4’C


ScreenHunter_26 Sep. 29 12.11

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