Session 42 – Just Fishing – And Bailiffing

Monday, August 7th, Liz and I set out at 1000 for a day’s fishing on a members’ only club pool (KF-WL2) arriving around 1045-1100 and settling in on our usual locations of the ‘spit’. This is the pool where some of the swims had been recently cleared including our older usual swims that had become overgrown BUT the path to those involves a walk through a muddy/boggy area that is made a bit worse by horses passing by AND we’d had a recent bit of rain which would have made the way even muddier… so we decided to fish the ‘spit again. There was one other guy there when we arrived who fishing at the neck of the spit but fishing into the ‘old’ pool and I fished at the spit’s end and Liz fished at the neck but into the ‘new’ pool.

[OLD/NEW] The pool has been enlarged from its original size and the area that formed the original pool I call the ‘old’ section, and the newer additional part the ‘new’ section. Makes sense, eh?? LOL

Anyway, Liz fished two rods on cage feeders and I fished two straight light running paternoster rigs using 1/4oz ‘penny’ leads on a 12” link attached to a large eye swivel. Not sure what hooks Liz was using but I had a size 12 on one rod, a size 6 on the other.

Liz was first off the mark with a tench of around 1lb 8oz on maggot … and later in the day had a perch of around 1lb on luncheon meat, and it’s throat was stuffed with meat too as it seemed to have been taking full advantage of Liz’s catapulted and feedered free offerings…

Myself, my size 6 hook baited with prawn rod was ignored with not one single nibble but my worm/maggot bait on the other rod attracted 4 small perch of up to about 4oz ….. and then I changed baits to meat on the size 6 and 2/3/4 grains of sweetcorn on the size 12… and started getting bites on both rods but on the sweetcorn rod I was only able to connect with one fish which came off on retrieve but looked like a 4oz roach or rudd… on the meat rod I landed a rudd of about 8oz and a perch of around 1lb…

Anyway, at around 1700 the skies darkened a bit and we decided to pack in before rain started – didn’t quite manage it but didn’t get too wet.

Also around 1400 two young lads (or youths) appeared walking down the pool on the far bank with tackle in hand from the opposite end to the usual entrance to the site – and not much tackle either a couple of rods carried in a bundle and a carrier bag of tackle/bait – and they settled on the corner at the opposite end of the pool to us. Not sure where they entered from but from tackle, etc they looked like they were ‘local’ – possibly staying on holiday in a holiday let. Anyway, I wandered down and had a word with them and advised it was a private water only available to club members but that a bit further on there was a small pool that was available on day ticket… and they moved on down to there without fuss… so all was OK.

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