Session 30 – River Season Start

So, it came to pass that on Friday June 16th 2017 that I, on my own as Liz decided gardening was the thing of the day, headed off to spend the opening day of the new river season on a club stretch (KF-WG) of the Warwickshire Avon leaving the house at 0615 and arriving a little 0700, the M5 and other traffic being quite light.

On arrival, I made a beeline to a couple of bivvies – a couple of guys at the start of doing a 3-night session – to see how the first night had gone … and to drop off a mug for one that had forgotten to pack his :D

The report was that there’d been no action at all – but these guys were totally focussed in pursuit of carp of which they are few and far between and any attention would have been a major event…

So, I set off for my intended swim and soon arrived there – or so I thought… well, last  season I fished down to what I thought was this willow tree albeit that I was a bit further upstream on the bank casting down to it..


Anyway, fished this swim for about 4 hours with swimfeeder on a quiver tip using bread, maggot, meat and paste baits and catching 2 small perch before moving upstream a little, into what I think WAS my originally intended swim… albeit that things had changed … certainly the bankside contours were as I recall but the willow tree was now too far downstream to cast to really and I think as a lot of willows were pollarded earlier in the year that the ‘my’ willow was now a stump with a newly sprouting haircut…

So I continued fishing this spot for the next 3-4 hours with worm/maggot fished along with a Dinsmore Mini 1oz Dual maggot feeder – and had 1 chub, 1 eel, 1 bream and another perch – but none exceeded 6oz in weight…

Bream – ca 6oz

So, on way back to the car I checked in on the carp men – still no action at that point in time….

Tomorrow (18th), Liz and I are on our annual pilgrimage to a little fished pool – fished only 6 weekends per year, max 6 anglers per session, £10 per session per angler via special invitation by the owner to one of my clubs as part of one of his charity fund raising events. We’ve fished the pool now for the last 4-5 years and usually do well with the tench and carp although Liz couldn’t make it last year and on my own I had a poor day IIRC, may even have blanked!

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