Session 25 – Long Time Away…

Sunday, 28th May, and I was headed to the banks of a club pool (AA – KP) that I’d not fished for 2 years … possibly more … although I did go at the late end of last year but it was gusty and cool and the water is quite open to the elements which can be good or bad … that time it was bad and I turned back and went to a more sheltered venue but this time it was relatively calm and warm with sunshine…

As I said it had been a couple of years since I last actually fished it, the reason being that there had been a successful spawning season a year or so previously … and the following couple of years were *SO FRUSTRATING* as, as soon as a bait hit the water, it was devoured by 6oz carp – before it even touched bottom with softer baits – and even 16mm boilies were whittled away within 5 minutes of being in the water…. so I just gave up on it despite it being my favourite AA water until that time…

Anyway, decided it was time to try it again – plus reports of good upper double grass carp being taken and reports that perch were being caught again were an inducement… the perch having seemingly disappeared after water abstraction by the farmer caused the water level to drop 8’ one summer and the areas of lily pads where the perch used to be were left high and dry, the lilies died away and never returned until recently…..

So, I arrived at the pool at around 0645, tackled up the ledger rods and fished worm/maggot and bread to start swapping the bread to luncheon meat later … but around midday apart from a few small tugs/nudges I’d caught nothing – but fish were starting to show on the surface… So the ledger rods were wound in and the floater rod with floating bread was put in to action and by packing up time I’d landed fish of 2lb 10oz and 5lb 9oz … with another fish lost to a line snap … Damn, Trilene line! Must remember to remove that line and replace with my usual Diawa Hyper Sensor! Far more reliable!

OK, so it was a most enjoyable day in the sunshine … :)

Next outing – tomorrow to the club’s mixed (no carp) pool (AA – B) in search of perch, tench, barbel, crucians, etc, etc :)

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