Session 22 – New Water…

Well, as stated in my previous blog entry, I did head to that new water, a 19 acre reservoir that provides water to the Staffs-Worcs Canal, on Friday 12th May..

I found the water easily enough – a 30 minute drive from home and a water I’d passed in the car many times in my 66 years on this planet although I’d never actually walked it’s banks let alone fished it before.

ScreenHunter_19 May. 12 14.57

The morning was quite grey and overcast with light drizzle…

Anyway, I arrived at around 0730 and cast out my fish/depth finder – and found a slope down from about 3.5’ to around 7’ about 4 or 5 rod lengths out, and groundbait was mixed and some fed into this area prior to prepping equipment and setting up my two rods for the day – both 11’ ledger rods, 8lb main line with 1/2oz bombs but one with a size 10 hook baited with worm/maggot cocktail and the other with bread on a size 6 hook.

Weather varied – brightening one minute, darkening again the next, the drizzle almost stopping at times but never completely and then getting heavier again…. and by 1100 I was damp despite sitting under the brolly as breeze direction seemed to vary around almost 360’ so whatever orientation it was set in at some point in came in from the front half… and also due to the dampness of the outer clothing (dry inners though) I was starting to get a little shivery and so decided to call it a day… and, despite extra feed and changing fishing distances, the only ‘fishy’ action came to the bread bait at around 1030 whilst considering whether to pack up or not and that consisted of 3 or 4 quick 3”-6” twitches of the bobbin – and then nothing again…

Not put me off returning though – a nice looking water, and did see signs of sporadic fish movements in the form of swirls and ‘V’ waves, so hopefully on a better day….

The session did give me chance to try out some bits of kit I’d not used before – three items and pleased with them all..

Well, the first two items actually combined to form one – the brolly…

  • The brolly itself … a Koala 50” brolly …
    There are two tilt types in fishing brollies – one where the pole is hinged near the mantle/cover and folds over. With this type, when the brolly is in the tilted state, the pole remains planted in the centre and can decreases the effective usable space under the brolly to its interference to access items. With the other method (‘Nubrolli’) to put into tilt mode the centre pole actually unscrews and then it is re-screwed into a point between the spoke ring and the top of the brolly … thus the pole is behind the angler and the full space under the brolly is freed up… The Koala is of this ‘Nubrolli’ type….

       Standard Brolly                                                                             ‘Nubrolli’/Koala

… and as this was the first time of usage I was very pleased with it … and it did seem far more spacious than my previous 50” standard brolly…

  • The second item was the bottom pole of the brolly..
    Usually these are just a ‘pointed stick’ affair which requires you to press or hammer them into the ground… OK in soft ground but in hard dried ground or rocky ground or frozen ground they can be impossible almost to place in firmly enough. So some time ago I obtained a Dinsmore Screw-in Brolly pole which has a screw threaded point and you screw into the ground and which deals with many situations that the standard pointed version won’t..

Dinsmore                                          Dinsmore PowerPoint Umbrella Pole

However, this particular item has one slight failing – it is made of tubular aluminium – which means that in a medium or stronger breeze with the upper brolly pole not covering all this bottom pole then the section between where this bottom pole enters the ground and where the upper pole ends can get slightly (or worse) bent by the force of the wind catching the brolly’s mantle … and can make sliding the lower pole into the upper pole when packing up anything from a tight fit to impossible and requiring a straightening exercise on arriving home…

So, my new item was a screw-pointed pole but instead of being based on an aluminium tube with a screw-point attached, this one is machined from a solid bar of aluminium and thus very resistant to bending. Heavier though obviously than the tube version but a very good trade off…

Brolly_Pole One-piece solid bar pole (Gardner Tackle)

  • The third item was a Wychwood Pocket Rod Pod…

I prefer to use standard banksticks (screw-point type) set in the ground for my rod rests but in these days of wooden platforms and hardcore/concrete ‘stations’ this is quite often impossible to do as sometimes its not even possible to set up banksticks alongside these prepared areas – and then there are naturally rocky areas (dam walls made up of large boulders, etc) too. So this means that if you don’t know a water, and even if you do, then you may find that you need a rod pod for hold your rods to fish… and they can be quite heavy and cumbersome items … not ideal especially if it requires a long walk. And now, this Pocket Pod  has proven to be a good solution… like it says on the can … ‘Pocket’ … they really do fit in a jacket pocket (well, my combat jacket ones anyway)….  simply your 4 standard banksticks screw on to create the legs and a longer bankstick screws into the face of one piece (bottom pic) and then passes through the hole of the other and attached by tightening the thumb screw… Obviously you need to check that you bank stick for that connection is of a suitable thickness to pass through the hole … I used the inner part of a 4’->7’ telescopic bankstick that I always carry anyway – used mainly for holding the rod tip up high when barbelling on the Severn. Worked well enough for me, stable enough overall although a bit more wobbly than a purpose built rod – and when you consider the weight of a pod (1Kg+?) against the weight of these bits (< 250g?) plus the fact that you can make them easily a standard item to carry everywhere with you and thus always available to deal with unexpected situations… a definite 10/10 from me!!

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