Sessions 17 And 18 – Short And Not Always Sweet

Session 17 – was intended to be a day on a club’s carp pool (WL2) on Monday 10th April but instead was an half an hour visit – never got tackled up – due to the Chinese Buffet of the night before being stronger than the anti-diarrhoea tablet I always take before my fishing sessions. Enough said, I think.

Session 18 – Friday 14th April – was a trip to another club’s non-carp pool (B). A trip that promised much as I’d received just that morning an all-members text from the club saying that ‘hundreds of roach, perch, bream, tench, etc had been stocked and to report results’…

So it was that I arrived at the pool and at my selected swim for the day – opposite the near end of the pool’s island which usually provides all kinds of species…

I noticed the water was very clear – and, although the level of the water was as usual (ca 3’-4’), I could see the bottom all the way from my bank to the island and make out clear areas and area of blanket-type weed – and unusually whilst fishing I was picking up small strands of the weed on the hook, something that has never happened before in 5 years of fishing the pool…

So… I prepped my swim with a couple of small balls of my usual groundbait mix just off the edge of the island’s overhanging vegetation … maybe I shouldn’t have done this given the clarity of the water and just loose fed a few maggots….

I tackled up my 13’ float rod (well, its probably a 12’9” rod as I snapped the top few inches off accidentally a few years ago) with 6lb line, size 12 hook baited with a small worm and a couple of maggots and fished lift-method using a 5AAA bodied waggler (antenna) float.

Anyway, I fished from 0800-1030 without a single touch despite casting to different areas/features and decided I was on a loser and packed in – the water being cold, a chilling breeze and the water clarity being against me. So I came home so that Liz could take the car to go to work.

The pre-session period also saw the start of a new ‘drugs’ regime … 2 anti-dia capsules at bedtime the night before and another with my breakfast of the day… LOL!

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