Session 14 – Mission Abort And Retreat

Monday, 27th March, I was off to the selected pool (GH) at 0700 and making my first casts with worm/maggot and bread baits at around 0800….

Temperature was a bit on the low side first thing, the car’s thermo registering 4.5’C as I drove down there. In fact, I was intending to not put my thermal onesie on before leaving the house but changed my mind and glad I did! However, with the walk from the car to the swim and the exertions of baiting up and tackling up, after making the casts I was actually quite ‘cosy’ … and around 0830-0900 it also felt that the ambient temps were on the rise … but then at around 0930 or so it felt like the temps just plummeted … and even with my fleecey mitts on my fingers had gone numb with cold.

So at 1000, not having had a single nudge/beep on either rod, I made the executive decision to pack up, head home and leap into a hot bath with a coffee in hand…

So ends this report…

As for plans ahead – Friday 31st is forecast for heavy rain and so wasn’t looking good anyway but this morning it was noticed that the car’s exhaust pipe had broken at the weld of the rear box section and hanging low, swinging free – so now the car is booked in for the replacement of that. Monday 3rd April is looking reasonable though so probably get out then and maybe will get Liz to come out too.

In the mean time, tomorrow night Liz and I are at a club EGM to vote on terms for an updated constitution for the club – and to also collect our new membership cards which have been paid for but no collected yet.

So a short and sweet write-up this time…

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