Session 13 – Happy To Be Back At The Valley

Well, after the exertions of the ‘prog-rocking’ weekend in Pwllheli and the necessaries that follow on on the return home (unpacking bags, etc) I didn’t manage to get out on Tuesday as I’d no time to prep tackle of get baits and so the session had to wait until Friday 24th March.

And it was with excitement and hope in my heart as I set out to one of my clubs’ mixed fisheries (VV) at just before 0700 in search of whatever decided to take my baits, arriving at the water around 0730. I had wanted to floatfish but as the weather forecast was for quite breezy weather and it seemed they were right (although there were a fair few calm periods) I elected to ledger two rods placing my baits close to the overhanging bushes on the far bank – and this also gave me a chance to test out my newly acquired Chub Neuron T3 bite alarms too (and very good they are!).

As I say, two rods were in use, both with 8lb mainlines but one with a size 12 hook used with worm/maggot cocktails and the other with a size 6 hook with bread and luncheon meat baits.

As usual, the ‘station’ and various sundry equipment (unhooking mat, landing net, camera, etc) were sorted before even taking the rods from the quiver – something I find essential to do as you can then fully focus on the fishing once you cast out … and especially so in respect to the landing net as the last thing needed is a good fish on the line and no net ready to use! And even before this prep I pre-baited the two swims I’d decided to fish with the usual groundbait/particle feed/dead maggots – putting about 6 cricket ball sized balls in each area… and over the day extra balls were added along with loose fed dead maggots.

Anyway, the rods were cast out and the first fish of the day came to the worm/maggot rod at around 1100 – a chub of 3lb 11oz…

2017-03-24 Steve - 3lb 11oz Chub
3lb 11oz Chub

… followed by a 1lb 11oz chub also on worm/maggot…

2017-03-24 Steve - 1lb 11oz Chub
1lb 11oz Chub

At this point the bread baited rod had not had a single tug and I decided to switch the bait on that rod to ‘luncheon meat’ (actually ‘bacon grill’ or ‘chopped ham with pork’ as I don’t use actual LM) and also catapulted out a few freebie LM pieces… and it quickly resulted in a 2lb 10oz chub…

2017-03-24 Steve - 2lb 10oz Chub
2lb 10oz Chub

Next – lost a good fish on LM to the overhanging branches. Due to the proximity of the bait to the overhanging branches it’s a case of strike and pull in these swims in order to get the fish away from the snags before it realises what’s happening but in this case the fish managed to get into the trailing branches and snagged me up… and eventually the line parted at the knot to the hook…

I decided at this time to retry the bread as bait, there obviously being fish in the swim and soon I had a 2lb 11oz ‘crucian carp’ in the net. A new PB!! <<<< see UPDATE below.

2017-03-24 Steve - 2lb 11oz F1 Hybrid 03
2lb 11oz F1 Hybrid

***UPDATE*** Unfortunately after consultation with others the verdict is that the fish is actually an F1 hybrid. So not a new PB. Still a nice fish though ….

And, just before packing up, the bread enticed another chub of 2lb 0oz.

2017-03-24 Steve - 2lb 0oz Chub
2lb 0oz Chub

… and that brought the end to a pleasant day’s fishing…

A few things need sorting out now I’m back home though…

  • I need to change one of my rear rod rest’s rubber gripper type heads – one arm completely split.
  • Chair leg fell off – extended it too far and it came adrift of the body. Although I got it partially fitted at the waterside and, I think, when I sat on it my body weight did the rest of the job and its actually OK now – but need to confirm that.
  • Need to clean up the reels – swim was very muddy and the reels got caked in it. So a wash and oil is on the cards for those.
  • Bobbins – again mud causing a stickiness. Clean and lubricates for those. Plus a re-stringing/clipping is needed as I don’t like the length of the current cords nor their stiffness.

Hoping to get out again on Monday 27th but venue as yet undecided.

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