Session 12 – Last Lure Session Of The Season On The Pool.

So, Monday 13th March I set off to Pike Pool 3 for a final fling of the lures for my current pike season on this pool. Maybe not the last of the season elsewhere but definitely on this particular pool as it closes to angling in line with the old/traditional season which although it still operates in legal terms on flowing waters and certain stillwaters (eg SSI sites) doesn’t apply to the vast majority of stillwaters and canals … however, as in this case, the owners may operate their own rulings.

As I said in my previous posting, no Liz with me as she had things to do and is out with her work colleagues currently.

Anyway, I got to the pool at around 0800 and I found three other cars on the car park on arrival – but it seems that those persons were fishing on the other two pools on the site as the pool I was on was deserted…

Nice mild sunny day….

As usual I walked to the far end limit of the intended stretch before tackling up with a Savage Gear 19cm Soft 4Play body (Fungus Roach pattern) in a red scull lip on one rod and the usual Fladen twin-bladed ‘Glow pattern’ spinner on the other… and starting working my way back towards the car and heading back home at around 1030.

And I blanked… having just two ‘tugs’ in the entire session .. one in the first swim of the day on the spinner but I was unable to get another strike on that spinner or the SG lure … and the other also came to the spinner.

So, that’s that then for fishing until at least next Monday now as we’re away on a weekend break to a prog-rock do in Pwthelli (Wishbone Ash, Hawkwind, Curved Air, Atomic Rooster, Strawbs, The Enid and Barclay James Harvest being amongst  the acts) from Thursday until Sunday – and so even next Monday will depend on if we can get our gear and baits ready in time… if not, then possibly get out on Tuesday otherwise it’ll be a week on Friday…

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