Session 11 – Visit To A New Pool

Friday, 10th March 2017, and I decided to visit a club pool (S) that I’d not even seen before let alone fished in search of carp…

I arrived on the banks at around 0720 and it looked gorgeous…

DSC_0001Before tackling up the swim was pre-fed about 4 rod lengths out with 10 ‘cricket balls’ of the usual groundbait mix of crumb, pellet, particles, etc. And over the day extra feed in the shape of mix and loose maggots was added at intervals.

Tackle used was 2 x 11’ Avon 1.75lb TC rods, 8lb main line with 6” 8lb hooklengths on quick change adaptors, and 10g flat pear style ledger weights on running 6” links fitted with small cork balls to keep the line and run rings up from the silty bottom and fished with bobbins on Optonic bite alarms. Baits were bread/sweetcorn cocktail on a size 6 hook and worm/maggot cocktail on a size 12 hook.

I cast in at 0815 and fished through until 1515… with plenty of ‘fizz’ out in front indicating feeding fish in the area most of the time. I had plenty of small plucky/twitch bites – line bites and small fish most likely – but only the occasional full-on takes (ie 6” or more line being taken).

It looked a perfect water for float fishing too … especially on this day … calm and an unruffled water surface … and with a depth not much more than 3’ deep it would be an easy thing to do…

And now …. the catch of the day …

Three carp (two on bread/sweetcorn, one on worm/maggot) and one small (2oz) gratuitous rudd on the worm/maggot rod – I wound in and found it on the hook… LOL

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Anyway, a most enjoyable day and will be back next season as this pool is on a National Trust property and they only allow fishing between June 16th and March 14th as per the old national/traditional old fishing season which used to apply to all waters but these days the season only applies to running waters (rivers, streams, etc) and a few exceptional stillwaters (eg are SSI (Special Scientific Interest) sites).

Next trip out – Monday 13th, not sure what I will do but currently the top idea is another day’s pike fishing with the lures – and I’ll be Liz free that day as she’s  decided not to fish as she has ‘things to do’ plus she’s out that evening at a work’s function.

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