Session 10 – The One In Which Liz Gets Her Pike And Photo And A New Personal Best And Steve Doesn’t…

Monday, 6th March 2017, and Liz and I set off with the lures to Pike Pool 3 to rectify the, then, current situation of Liz not having been photo’d with a pike. Her only other pike (4lb 4oz), caught exactly 4 weeks previously, was lost from the landing net when ‘dunking’ it whilst trying to set the camera up – had forgotten to put batteries in! – and I was in the bad books … She’d had other pike on the line before but due to hook pulls and, on last session, a line cut on brickwork, she’d actually only managed to land that one.

So we arrived at our selected starting spot on the pool – as usual walking to the furthest point and then working our way back towards the car – and set up our tackles.

Liz used a 9’, 10-40g, lure rod with 30lb braid line and the usual 30lb wire spinning trace and her lure-of-the-moment – Shakespeare ‘Devils Own’, 16.5g, in ‘Scale’ pattern – which is working well for her… she’s pike fished with deadbaits for 3 years without a single take but with this lure she’s probably fished 4-5 sessions with it since January and has had at least one take every visit. So good it is that when she lost the original she had, I ended up on eBay searching for replacements – and ended up getting her another 6. The original was part of a ‘pack of 4’ of various designs but I managed to locate a supply of individual ones…

Myself, I set up 2 rods – both similar to Liz’s regarding line/trace – one with a Fladen twin bladed spinner in ‘Glow’ (luminous) pattern, the other with a deep diving Fladen plug in a ‘Golden Ambulance’ pattern.

And so we started fishing and for the first hour or so (inc a coffee break) all was quiet with neither of us having a touch but then Liz latched into a fish – and a pike of 6lb 14oz was landed…

.. and, as you see, successfully photographed …. and is now also Liz’s new PB pike… and I’m forgiven for the loss of photo opportunity for the previous capture …

Anyway, we fished on, almost fruitlessly except for one take I had on the ‘Glow’ spinner which was either a small pike or possibly a perch, but will be forever unknown as the hooks pulled after 15 seconds or so…

So… next trip … visit to a carp pool I reckon on Friday 10th … and possibly spinning/lure fishing on the Shropshire Union Canal next Monday (13th).

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