Session 9 – 2017 – Rain Before Seven, Clear By Eleven…


(c) Liz Shorney

Well, that old adage was true to a sort on our trip to the water’s edge on Monday 27th February… it was raining when Liz and I got up at 0700, still raining as we left the house at 0830, still raining on arrival at the pool at 0930 and whilst tackling up… but at 1100 it had stopped and blue skies and white fluffy clouds were appearing from over the Clees/Clents/Malverns/Black Mountains/Brecon Beacons or whatever the ‘lumps’ were out to the west… However, it didn’t remain entirely dry thereafter with a few minor spotting felt … and at 1445 we packed in hurriedly as those western hills disappeared into deep shadow under dark clouds and with no sign of brightness following behind we felt discretion was the better part of valour … but WRONGLY as it happens, as in the half hour it took to tackle down, the dark clouds had passed over us, with a bit of rain granted, but before carting the tackle off to the car we were again in blue skies with no sign of more blackness… oh well, typical of us, the number of times that happens to us goes beyond the coincidental I’m convinced!

So, for the fishing, we went to a club pool (VV) in search of various, whatever turns up, species – and I, personally, was hoping for chub and perch mainly.

I fished one quiver tip rod – well, the exact same set up as my previous outing – and again fished worm. Liz fished two rods with swimfeeders. One baited with sweetcorn and the other with maggot mainly. Both of us were fishing out towards overhanging far bank bushes.

And both of us had ‘action’ but mainly in the form of small tugs/nudges with only a few proper strikeable tugs… but I did manage to land a 3lb 15oz common carp – and a gudgeon when I changed my hook from a 12 to a 14 and fished a bunch of 6 maggots. Liz had a small (few ounces) perch but also had a good fish on which, unfortunately, managed to get into the refuge of the bushes and was lost.

3lb 15oz Common Carp

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