EA Rod Licences – April 2017 onwards

It is possible to renew/purchase your Environmental Agency Rod Licence for the new year starting from April 1st 2017 NOW….

Go to: https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences/buy-a-fishing-licence

The site allows you to not only purchase online the usual 2-rod licence (£30) but also the new starting-from-April 1st 2017 3-rod licence (£40).

Prices given are for a standard adult angler – usual concessions for seniors and young people – and now the age that you require to actually have a licence has also increased too – see the above site for the full info.

ALSO – the licence no longer needs to run on a 1st April-31st March basis as previously. You now purchase a rolling 12 month licence that starts on your selected date …eg if you want it start on 12th June 2017 then the licence will remain valid until 11th June 2018. On the old fixed date system no matter when you purchased the licence, even mid-June as the above example, then it always expired on March 31st and cost the same. So now you’ll get a full 12 month term for your money.

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