Session 7 – 2017 – Luring The Pool Again

Well, before the actual day’s fishing a couple of things…

I did get that new Savage Gear landing net I ordered and it’s fantastic and actually seems mega-huge – despite actually being 85cm x 70cm (= 35in x 28in) due to the shape, and , in fact, it seems much bigger than even my 42” triangular net…

… however, the handle length is not the 122-297cm as quoted but actually 100-180cm … I reported this to the seller and he’s passing it on to Savage Gear as it appears that it was down to an error in their trade catalogue description. Anyway, I was quite happy to accept  it as it was – and in practice I found it not lacking for my needs.

Second thing was not so good…. got up in the morning to get flask and things ready to go … also did the washing up of the mugs and things from the previous evening and whilst doing so a turned a bit from the waist to grab the next item to be washed from the work surface and felt a small twinge in my back – which developed into sciatica – and although the day was spent lure fishing it meant that I had to sit on the bank or on my stool whilst doing so for most of the time… and on the evening I made the mistake of lying on the floor to ease the aching – BIG MISTAKE! It took Liz and I probably 15 minutes of pulling and contorting to gat back on my feet – and then I had to conquer the stairs, undress and get into bed … BUT this morning woke up generally fine, no aches, no pain just a little stiffness in the lower back.

So as to the fishing…

Well, Monday 20th Feb, we set off to Pike Pool 3 at 0900 on a bright warm morning and arrived around 30 mins later – a little quicker than usual due to school traffic being non-existent as its half term – and after loading the tackle on our backs we headed off to the far end of the fishery where we tackled up and had a coffee before walking down and making our first casts….

Both of used 30lb Dyneema/Spectra braided lines and  I used two rods, the first my ‘light’ rod with a Zebco twin bladed luminescent spinner (7.5g) … and the other the ‘heavy’ rod initially used with a Savage Gear 19cm (52g) Hard 4Play lure in a ‘Golden Ambulance’ colouration…

Savage Gear 4Play – Golden Ambulance
Zebco Twin Bladed Spinner – Glow/Luminescent

Liz used just the one rod – initially with a 16.5g Shakespeare Devil’s Own blade spinner in a ‘Scale’ pattern and with various other spinner types and patterns over the course of the session…

Shakespeare Devils Own Spinner – ‘Scale’ pattern

And so, at 1020, I made my first cast and within seconds was netting my first fish of the day – a nice pike of 5lb 5oz…

5lb 5oz Pike

Shortly afterwards Liz started her own fishing and soon also had a fish on but unluckily lost it when the hook hold failed … and the same happened minutes later …. and then she hooked into a fish but it took the line along the edge of some brickwork and, before I could tell her to slacken to the line to avoid damage, the damage was done, the brickwork abrading the line and it parted and the fish was lost. We quickly set up new a new end tackle of wire trace and a new lure was chosen and we fished on for a good 30 minutes in the same area in the hope the pike would again take but with no joy … but at least we’d squeezed down the barbs on the spinner’s trebles and so hopefully the pike would have shedded it OK. And, as the lure was Liz’s favourite model/pattern I’ve just ordered another 6 replacements… J

So, with neither of us having any more action in that spot we moved on and tried a couple of ‘Mr Crabtree’ swims for 40 mins or so. Liz had no more action there or later in the day but I did have one grab in each of these two swims – one on a Soft 4Play lure (Fungus Roach) in a scull lip that I changed over too in order to get the lure well down in the first of these swims…

‘Fungus Roach’ body…

… but the hook hold failed … and the second take came to a 4” blue coloured Fladen shad body affixed to a 21g blue Savage Gear jig head….

After that, we tried one more location but with no joy – and as my back at this time was really starting to play up and Liz’s shoulder becoming sore we decided at 1415 to call it a day and head off to the pub… J

One thing I did catch – and was the second identical set up that I’d seen pulled out since December – and that was from the exact same swim too – was the weight/submerged float part of a running paternoster complete with float, weight (actually rolled sheet lead), swivel and running ring on a braid link. Lost by the same person? Same session possibly?

Plans – well, I’m thinking of fishing Friday on the float for general coarse fish at another club’s mixed fishery (well, holds all species other than common carp and pike). A bit of a busy day it’ll be … I’ll have car to go fishing as Liz is on lates … BUT she works until 2000 and I need to be at the club’s AGM by that time at the latest .. and plan is – I fish, go home, bath, etc (no need to eat as the club provides an excellent – and free – post-AGM buffet), take the car to Liz’s place of work and leave the car on their car park for her to get home in whilst I carry on to the AGM and return home via the bus at the end of the meeting…. Not too bad as the its just one bus from/to venue from home and about 800 yards of total walking involved. And Monday, we may go to another mixed fishery…. But then with the river season coming to a close shortly I think I may concentrate for my future solo sessions on the rivers – esp piking as my pike season finishes on 31st March. I’ve pike fished small (<30’ wide) rivers before but not bigger ones like the Severn or Avon so that needs to be addressed … and also some chub fishing would be good too..

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