Session 4 – 2017 – The Lure Of The Canal

2017-01-22-liz-on-staffs-worcs-canal-at-stewponey-01Monday, 22nd January, Liz and I set off at 1000 for a few hours lure fishing on a stretch of the Staffs-Worcs Canal that neither of us had fished before. Weather was quite mild (8’C) and very little air movement.

Water on the canal was VERY clear – often I could see the 2” mini-jig I was using, in mid-channel, lying on the bottom. Like bath water BEFORE the bathing almost!

Anyway, cut long story short – hey, don’t faint!! LOL! We failed to elicit any response from fishes whatsoever.

Fished down the canal 1079 yards (thanks to Google Earth for distance) with mini-jigs and then back up again with bigger lures – mine a 19cm Savage Gear Soft 4Play in Rainbow Smolt that, when it wasn’t being cast and retrieved, was being ‘diddled’ so covered every centimetre of the full fishing length.

I was intending fishing today too – same tactics, different canal – but too tired and aching from yesterday. So next outing to a pool – worms and maggots type of stuff on Friday 27th.

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