Session 69 – The Last Session Of 2016 – And NOT A Blank!

Well, as I said in the previous blog entry I had planned a return to Pike Pool 5 and so I did…

I arrived at the pool at around 0815 on a cold misty morning which, despite being several degrees warmer than the previous visit, actually felt a lot cooler – mainly due to the previous visit being on a calm still day unlike the damp and misty one of this visit.

Anyway, as I suggested I would in the previous post I headed straight to the ‘roach/bream’ swim that had been noted previously – and having remembered to take my ‘rubby-dubby’ bag this time, immediately I put out a marker float around which I deposited the ‘attracting’ rubby-dubby which consisted of breadcrumb to which blitzed sprats/sardines and various fish oils had been added plus a few handfuls of maggots were also added in order to also attract and hold silvers in the area if possible…

I started off in much the same format as the last visit – one floatrod baited with maggots was fished for silvers for use as livebait and one pike floatrod fished with various deadbaits – horse mackerel, sardine and a Xmas Tree of sprats were tried.

And so, I fished until around 1330, having one bite on the maggot rod which produced a 1lb 8oz bream – a little large for a pike bait though … and not a single touch on the pike rod. And then for the final hour or so I packed away the bait gear and set up 2 lure rods – one with a silver ‘Big S’ floating plug and the other with a Savage Gear 19cm Soft 4Play body (‘Shiny Roach’ pattern) in a red scull cap – and had a wander around the pool casting in several areas but to no avail.

I saw only two other anglers all day – one just came for a look at the water at around midday and he said that he was surprised the water wasn’t frozen over as another local pool he’d just come from was frozen solid, and the other arrived at around 1400 and was lure fishing but up to the time I left he hadn’t had any joy either.

And so, that’s my lot for 2016! At least it didn’t technically end in a blank!


Slight probable change to plans for next week – the zander session on the Fazeley Canal might now become a piking trip to the Shropshire Union or even a trip to the Warks Avon…

2 responses to “Session 69 – The Last Session Of 2016 – And NOT A Blank!”

  1. Used GIMP actually! :D

    Just that I don’t like to give away my pike fishing locations – as you’ll have noticed I refer to waters as ‘Pike Pool XX’ in the text so giving clues out as to an actual swim is no-go for me… and although it was a bream pictured in this case, it was a pike fishing session.

    A first attempt at using the ‘GIMP’ software (or any sort of photo manipulation software bar for brightness/contrast/gamma/crop changes) … so quite pleased with the outcome.

    The background is actually of a group of 3 foxes that were sunning themselves by the garden shed a few winters ago – and in fact you can see a fox nose sticking out one side of my body and a fox tail the other at around mt elbows… :)


  2. You need to brush up on your photoshop skills Steve. What’s the story?


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