Session 68 – A Blank Again

Wednesday 28th December 2016, I dropped Liz off at work at around 0750 and then headed off to Pike Pool 5 arriving a little after 0820 on a frosty morning, the overnight temperatures having taken a big dip …. car thermometer was indicating 2’C externally and water temps on arrival were around 4-4.5’C.

The idea for the day was to floatfish for small silvers to use as livebait initially whilst drifting a deadbait in the mean time.

First discovery of the day – I’d left my ‘rubby-dubby’ in the fridge at home… Well, it means I won’t need to mix a new batch for tomorrow’s planned return.

So I walked over to the elected swim – the furthest – and a corner swim – on the pool from the car park and set up as planned – and I fished there for an hour or so before packing up. Not a touch on the maggots nor on the deadbait rod and the depth was far less than expected at about 4’ max. Supposed to be a deep section but far from that especially when the pool is an average 11’-12’ deep with some areas of 40’ or so. I’d only fished that swim a few times previously and then only with lures… oh well, at least I know now. Did/does look ‘pikey’ though so maybe will try it again when the weather/water warms up in the future….

So… I then headed to my usual swim back on the opposite bank for 4-5 hours – a swim that produces and usually has hordes of silvers around – but, again, not a single touch on maggot nor any deadbait….

And it seems that others on the pool were having much the same results bar one chap did have a short aborted run on deadbait and a chap fishing the pole seemed to catch a few small roach and bream…

Anyway, I’m hoping to get back there again tomorrow – and hopefully I’ll get into the swim where the roach and bream were being caught – if the pike are anywhere they’ll be around their food sources and so…

Next Tuesday I’m planning a lure fishing trip to Tamworth – the Fazeley Canal by Drayton Manor Park – in search of a, my first, zander.

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