Session 64 – Short Pike Luring Session

Friday 25th November and I was off to Pike Pool 17 on a short 2 hour lure session.

I arrived at around 1015 and fished the far bank corner swim for about an hour-and-a half before moving to the near bank car park swim for the last 3/4 of an hour..

Two rods were taken set up – one 30g-80g rated with a 19cm (56g) Savage Gear Soft 4Play lure in the Olive Pearl pattern, the other a telescopic 10g-30g one with a blue Fladen Shad Spinner – and both rods having baitcaster multiplying reels loaded with 30lb Dyneema braid……

The session started well with a pike of around 5lb taking the 4Play lure but unfortunately the hooks were shed before the fish could be landed…. and other than that no other action was encountered for the rest of the session even after changing lures and trying a generic trout patterned jelly bodied shad and another 19cm 4Play body in a Fungus Roach pattern…


However, that is not to say that I didn’t land anything at all on the session… in fact I had several items … and all on the heavy weighted generic shad fished sink-n-draw along the bottom. There were the usual bits of twigs and branches, a length (3m-4m) of pole elastic connected to its end tackle that had presumably been connected to a lost fish at some time in the past … and although not the stereotypical ‘old boot’…..

2016-11-25 Not The Proverbial Old Boot.JPG

… an old carpet slipper. But no bisickel whales turned up (Black Country joke! LOL!).

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