Session 54 – Family Day At The Pool (Includes “Trounced By The Parents” And “A New Personal Best”)

Friday 30th September, Liz and I headed off to a club pool (VV) along with Liz’s parents who are midway through a visit to us from Cyprus – making sure we were also accompanied by the relevant club guest tickets and EA rod licences for the ‘visitors’ :)

The Family – Liz, Mum (Marje) and Dad (Phil)

We arrived at the pool around 0815 having set off from home at 0730, and Liz and I promptly sorted out the swims with Phil and Mum sharing a swim and Liz and I sharing the next swim along. Tackle and bait requirements for the visitors were sorted and then Liz and I started to sort out our own tackle … and whilst doing so Liz’s Mum had already started pulling ’em in!! With Phil not far behind… LOL! Small fish but they were at least catching!

Anyway, it was a good day – until around 1530 when a black cloud with rain visible below that we’d been debating whether or not was coming our way or was going to bypass DID arrive at us – and provided a heavy rain shower which necessitated a fast tackle down to escape BUT as always (and happens much to much for coincidence) happens, as soon as we’re loading the car up the skies clear and blue skies and sun ensue but we’re soaking and dripping wet… in fact, too wet to call at the pub on the way home and necessitated a home stop to dry and change…

Results of the day were not brilliant for the water – usually its a baggin’ water with carp, roach, rudd, chub, barbel and other species and its often quoted that a bare hook will catch but not on this occasion with the best fish of the day falling to me – a common carp of 2lb 11oz – although Phil did lose a large fish when it gained sanctuary in some tree roots and was unable to be extracted … and I had a hook pull on a good fish within 10 seconds of hooking it… Mum and Phil had a fair few <40z fish (roach, bream, gudgeon, perch), Mum had a bream of about 1lb 4oz and I had a couple of small silvers, plus Liz had a nice crucian carp and a bream of 1lb 12oz … so the parents reckoned they’d had more fish and trounced us but Liz and I said we were after quality rather than quantity and although quality was actually low, on the day it was the best… :)

And, as I said above, Liz had a nice crucian carp… and, in fact, it was a new PB for her weighing in at 1lb 12oz….


…. and also bigger than my own PB….. :(  LOL!

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