Session 51 – Members Only!

Thursday 9th September and Liz and I headed off to a club members only pool (WL2) in search of whatever turned up per usual arriving at around 0800…

I elected to floatfish as I have done on the last few sessions – enjoying it at the moment and can’t even remember when I got the alarms and leads out :) whilst Liz decided to ledger with swimfeeder on 2 rods.

A most enjoyable day – raining when we arrived but that passed after 30 minutes or so whilst we sat in the car and then after setting up there were a couple of showers but after those passed by it was was bright and hot.

Over the day I had a load (100+) of small perch and rudd of <4oz, a few others of up to 8oz, one perch of about 12oz … and lost the best fish of the day as the hook pulled free after it rolled on the surface, a perch of at least 1.5lb I reckon and possibly a good 2lb…. all on maggots and/or worm.

Liz had a quieter day – she had the biggest fish of the day early on – a 2lb 8oz tench – but then apart from a few nudges all was quiet apart from a really good fish that snapped her late in the day….

2016-09-08 Liz - 2lb 8oz Tench 02.JPG

And then at 1630 it was packing up and home via a stop off at the local hostelry for some beer and scratchings :)

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