Session 48 – Carp And Bream

Tuesday 23rd August and I headed off to fish a swim on a club pool that I’ve only ever pike fished from previously arriving waterside at about 0730 and after the preliminaries of pre-baiting (after discovering I’d left my bag of particles at home, this consisted of my base mix + maggots + pellets) and tackle/station preparation I made the first cast of the day at 0800…


Starting method was floatfishing with a sliding 5AAA bodied waggler on 6lb line with a size 10 hook baited with dendrobaena worm … with the float set to trip the rising slope of the bottom at a depth of around 11′ (max depth ca 12′).

First fish came at 0830 – a common carp of 2lb 13oz – followed by a bream of 1lb 10oz at 0850.

A lot of interest followed but seemingly just small stuff toying with the worm’s tail and so I switched to 2 small pieces of meat as bait which resulted in another bream of 1lb 1oz.

But with sport being slow and sign of surface activity I switched to floating bread at 1230 and at 1300 landed what was to be the biggest fish of the day – a mirror carp of 5lb 2oz …

5lb 2oz Mirror Carp

… and by the time I left at 1630 I’d had another 2 common carp of 2lb 10oz and 3 lb 2oz … and had suffered 4 hook pulls – including one from a carp I reckon was a good middle double that had literally taken the crust from within 10′ of my feet and hence I had a good look at it…

Had dog trouble too! As I said I was feeding bread into the marginal reeds along the bank just to the right of me… And there are various resident dogs on site, one of which is a crafty big red labrador which always comes around, usually with his mate, a one-eyed terrier, looking for food and doing every trick in the book to try to get some although they are not allowed to be fed. However, if that doesn’t work they become Fagin and the Artful Dodger and its not unusual to find a bait tin missing only when searching to find it behind some bushes, opened, and the contents missing… Anyway, along comes the labrador, sits next to me, tongue hanging out and big doleful eyes and sits there for half an hour or so… and then wanders off … and a few minutes later there’s a big crashing and rustling down the bank a few yards from me, a flattening of the reeds that are the holders of the bread feed and splashing galore as Labby tries to hook out those bread freebies… and death of  the swim for an hour!!

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