Session 46 – Worcester Stour…

Tuesday, August 9th 2016, I headed off to a local stretch of the River Stour at Stourton Castle, Staffs – a small river and the stretch in question is controlled by the Birmingham Angling Association (BAA)…

A nice looking stretch of water it was the first time I’d fished there in 3 years not having held a BAA card for those years but I decided I’d get one for the current season as they also have a lot of other small rivers and a stretch of canal, further afield, that I intend to fish over the autumn/winter.

So I arrived at the water at around 0715 – and was the first arrival (as usual) until another fellow arrived a couple of hours later – and had a look at the water as I walked the banks towards my one-of-two possible swims for the day in case anything appealed. I arrived at the first of the two possibles – a swim directly below a weir – but that was immediately discounted due the vegetation of the far bank being a bit denuded and the water level being quite low and clear… and so I proceeded to the other selection, a swim immediately above the weir  that I’ve found to hold perch and roach in previous visits.

Tackle was set up – 9′ quiver tip rod, 4lb mainline straight through to a size 10 worm baited hook and a 5g flat pear lead. I used a light line as although this river stretch is reputed as having given up roach to 1.5lb and nets of 50lb of roach (former possible, but I take the latter with a large pinch of salt – 50 roach of any size in a session would be ‘good’ but the equivalent of 50 x 1lb roach?? Ummmm…) generally an 8oz fish is a good one – and, I think, the best I’ve ever had has been a chub just over the pound from below the weir…

So I started off, as I say, with worm  and catapulting out small but frequent quantities of maggots both down the far bank and along the near bank….but after an hour or so without a single touch I decided to scout further upstream and decided to try a swim 2 up from my current location as it had some far bank vegetation inc a bit of a partially immersed tree…

2016-08-09 01

Here there was little to no far bank flow with the flow all on the near bank side… so again I fed maggot on the far bank and near bank too…. and it was while I was in this swim that the other angler arrived and he’d been intending to fish it as he said he’d been there the day previously and had had a few roach but had returned with his pole to try tight under the fallen tree … and he then settled in the next swim upstream… so again I fished on for a couple of hours near and far banks and centre stream too, all without any sign of interest whatsoever… However I had also been casting further and further downstream and I started to pick up a few taps from by a bed of fallen reed almost opposite the swim that lay between my original location and my current one … so I moved down to that intermediate position so as to be able to fish the area more efficiently… and as I did so the guy moved into my newly vacated swim with his pole… :)

2016-08-09 04

Anyway, first three casts or so into the new swim produced a quick tap on the tip but with no follow ups… and subsequent casts produced nothing at all… and so it remained until 1330 when I decided I could better be employed doing some tackle fixing and other jobs that were needed at home…. and I had a word with the guy in my vacated swim … he’d managed 10 small (1oz) roach on his pole from directly below the ‘hoop’ of the tree but also said he’d not be back again and that he’d gone really ‘for a change of scenery’ and to get his pole out that he’d not used in years – and in fact he’d had to change his elastic on it before he used it as it had rotted!

I also noted, as you can see from the two pics above, that the water colour had changed from a clearish greeny/brown tinge to a mucky grey which is never a good colour for a water and from my experience its time to be at home (or on another water) in those cases……

2 responses to “Session 46 – Worcester Stour…”

  1. A BAA ticket has to be good value generally though. This might be an interesting winter fishery?


    1. BAA ticket is good value esp if in the B’ham area, not quite as much in Wolverhampton.
      I’m in 2 other clubs – both have good waters on the River Severn, both have good canal waters, one has water on the Warks Avon not far from a BAA stretch, so BAA stretches of those are not really necessary or often, if ever, visited. Most BAA pools are the ‘wrong’ side of Birmingham distance-wise for me but there is that stretch of the Worcs Stour and 6 pools on one site that are within reasonable range (but there are also 3 club pools in same area so only occasionally visited). Main attraction for me are the B’ham area canals with zander (Coventry Canal, Fazeley Canal, etc) as I’ve not seen or heard of specific captures from my local Staffs-Worcs and Shrops Union canals, although I hear rumours of their spread into there, and the small rivers – Anker/Meese in particular although intentions to fish them tend to get put aside due to time restraints or preferences for my club places….

      Worcs Stour as a winter venue? Not sure – fish (chub) tend to be <1lb on the BAA stretch from what I've seen/caught/heard of – never had a single touch on lure/spinner on the few occasions I've tried… 100 yards up from the downstream end of the BAA water is a weir and most the larger fish are caught downstream (BAA and below) so weir creates a barrier to their migration upstream… and my larger fish have come from below the weir previously but the best part directly below the weir itself has had the far bank hacked away to install a hydro-electric thing it seems…

      Anyway, all said and done I probably will renew the BAA card as it is useful for the early sessions on the canal in summer as I can get there in 10 minutes – and the closest club stretch is probably 30-40 mins away – so an extra 20 mins fishing on a short session is a real boon…


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