Session 37 – A Private Estate Water…

Saturday 2nd July and I returned to the private estate lake that Liz and I were meant to visit on the 19th June but were unable to get access to the water. This time I was alone as Liz was on holiday in Spain and this was the final weekend of this year’s invitation to the club to fish.

I arrived at the water at around 0630 (fishing from 0700, so arrived early to tackle up, etc) and was the first there – two others arrived at around 0700 and another at around 1030 – and I elected to fish our usual swim at this venue. We’ve had good tench and double figure carp from here (SPOILER ALERT) before and has never let us down before…

I used the usual ledger set up with two rods set up with one with a size 6 hook and the other a size 10… baits used were worm/maggot on the 10 hook, and various baits (bread, paste, meat) on the 6 tried throughout day…. both rods were set up with frame feeders too with which a sticky mix incorporating hemp, wheat, corn, and dead maggot was fed out on each cast.


Anyway, it was a slow day – seems I chose the wrong swim as the other three anglers all seemed to be catching well – especially the chap opposite me, who had decent fish after fish, from a swim I’d mentioned to Liz that I might try if I had the chance… I did and I didn’t! DOH!!! Hindsight is wonderful!

Anyway, my ‘bag’ for the session was one small perfectly conditioned tench (of  a beautiful steely blue colouration in the sunlight) and two small roach – and one of the roach was foul-hooked in the tail…


Next trip, hopefully back to the Warks Avon on the 5th….

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