Session 36 – First Wark On The Avon…

Thursday 30th June and I headed to my first ever visit to my club’s stretch of the Warwickshire Avon – I was going to say my first trip to the Warks Avon but remembered that Liz and I had been on a BAA stretch (Pensham, I think) some years back.

Anyway, a gorgeous water – first trip as I said but almost certainly not the last…

 Finding a swim was a little difficult – with the current weather the vegetation is sprouting and wasn’t easy to spot places where access to the water could be made – and in a lot of places marginal reeds prevented access. However, a nice spot was located, and the vegetation was trimmed back enough to allow access to the water for landing/returning of fish and to allow the line to ‘swing’ on the current without catching/snagging on the bankside weeds…  The chosen spot also had a large overhanging willow tree (see second photo above) and I aimed to get the bait in the vicinity of that cover.

I took two rods – a 2lb TC barbel rod with 10lb line and a 1.75lb TC ledger rod loaded with 8lb. I intended to start with the lighter rod and then step up with the heavier one but actually remained using the light rod in conjunction with a medium sized cage feeder and size 10 hook all day in the end. So first cast was made at around 0730 with a worm/maggot cocktail bait – and first rod top knocks soon came – however, it wasn’t until 0915 that the first fish of the day was hooked and landed – a bream of 3lb 10oz – and then another five minutes later of 5lb 3oz (just 3oz of my current PB, a catch that was made in the 1979 season!).

Anyway, over the course of the day, I lost another good fish when the hook pulled, landed another bream of 2lb 3oz plus a small perch and a small roach…

Worm was *THE* bait of the day – did try bread, caramel paste, cheese paste and sweetcorn but very few bites…

I thought I’d left my camera as I was unable to locate it in my bags or anywhere in the house  this morning and I couldn’t remember having it since I got back… so I put my coat on and did a 60+ mile round trip back to the river but I was unable to find it, not suprisingly however, as since my return home it has been located in the garage and all is well!!

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