Session 35 – All Night Long….

Monday 27th June at around 1530 saw me arriving at a club pool (WL2) intending to fish my first overnight session since the 80’s! I had bought a JRC Contact bivvy about 3 years ago in preparation for this ‘event’ though :D…

On arrival I met up with my ‘partner’ for the night – had a quick reccy of the water – and selected our swims adjacent to each other, set up the bivvies, prepped the tackle and generally prepared for the session.

However, like my previous session I then discovered I’d left something important at home again – this time my bite indicating bobbins. However, unlike last time I was able to construct a work-around – I had some thin, very flexible garden wire in my bag and a piece of that with a hooked over at the end, with a couple of swan shot clipped on, and then connected to the rod rest sufficed and seemed to work well – the hook in the wire being flexible enough to straighten out when the line tensioned at the strike, etc. and fall away.

So bobbin sorted, the rods were set up – two rods, 8lb line, frame feeders with one rod with size 6 hook and the other a size 10.

Baits started out with were bread on the ‘6’ rod, and worm/maggot on the ’10’… however, constant twitching of the line on the worm rod as small perch and others nibbled away the bait meant that it was not long before I switched that rod over to sweetcorn… and over the course of the session the ‘bread’ rod was also baited with caramel and cheese pastes at various points.

Now,  I wish I could write of a night of fantastic runs, huge carp, big bream and tench but in fact the whole night produced about 6 ‘single beep’ nudges on both rods – and similarly for my partner too…

So, with rain forecast, I took down the bivvy and tidied up as much gear as I could at about 0600 although I did fish on until 0730-0800 without a further single nudge… and the only ‘action’ seen, other than the hordes of small (<4″) stuff that eagerly attacked pieces of floating bread,  had been a couple of small carp cruising around on the afternoon at the far end of the pool, and a couple of rolling/leaping carp of around 3-4lb at the far bank in the evening and early morning…

Next trip planned for tomorrow (29th) – a ‘first’ visit to the Warks Avon.

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