Session 30 – Haunted By A Ghost…

Friday, 3rd June, I set off for one of the mixed fisheries (VV) of one of my clubs, making an early start from the house at 0600 and arriving onsite at 0645 – and  being the first there I made my way to my desired swim for the day…


Although the picture shows an island, I didn’t actually fish a bait out there – I fished one bait at the edge of the bush to the left and the other to the same bushes but further left off screen.

The usual preliminaries completed (pre-baiting, setting up nets and mats, etc), I made my first casts with ledgered worm/maggot on a size 12 hook to 8lb mainline out to the left and a battered chip on a size 6 to the edge of the seen bush… and both rods soon had a few small twitches… and the first connection was made at around 0830 but for some reason I suffered a line breakage just above the hook … fish didn’t feel that big, possibly 2-3lb, it happened in open water so it wasn’t a case of being wrapped on a snag or anything like that and I wasn’t applying too much pressure… possibly a down to wind knot weakening the line?

Anyway, on I continued until around 1115 – still having small plucks, etc on the battered chips which I changed over later to bread and caramel paste with the same results and  on the worm/maggot rod I had a couple of tiny perch (so tiny that even both of them together would be unlikely to make an impression on drug dealer’s scales! LOL)…

So 1115 came and there were signs of fish on the surface – and one in particular caught my eye – a gold/black koi that had passed by two or three times on the bush line on the opposite bank. So with the lack of bottom activity I pulled in the two ledger rods and baited up my ‘floater’ rod – basically an 11′ 1.75lb TC rod (Winfield ‘Specialist Angler’, so you can tell how old that is! LOL) coupled with 30lb greased braid to a size 6 hook – and the only other things on the line are a small cork ball and a small link swivel that allows me to add a bubble float or other weight for long casting when needing to…

[BUBBLE FLOATS – has anyone EVER had a bubble float in which the plugs remain in situ? I’ve never known or had one… and so nowadays I use bubble floats that are 2-piece jobbies and the halves push and clip together rather than the one piece with plugged holes type.]

So, as it happens, for the rest of the day – which included a long succession of ‘last casts’ which started at 1530 until I finally did pack in at 1700 – I fished with bread/crust on the floater rod exclusively.

It wasn’t long to wait for the first fish to come to the net – a nice chub of 3lb 8oz – and over the next two hours a succession of chub and common carp came to shore.

But the fish were very selective in where they’d take the bait though – basically, it needed to be drifted under the canopy of the overhanging vegetation which, at times, required deliberately casting into the bushes and then gently easing back until the bait pulled away and plopped down into the water. Open water they just didn’t want to know, basically just playing with the bait and tail smashing at it….

And so we come to 1455 … I make the perfect cast across to a small hole in the bushes … and a perfect drift of the water takes the bait under the bushes so far that I lose sight of the bait itself and it reaches the clear water between the overhang and the far bank itself and I just watch the line for signs of tightening… which it does… a strike meets solid resistance requiring a huge ‘hold and pull for England’ to get the fish away from the snag ridden area and out into open water…. and shortly later a flash of orange indicates to me I’m latched into the koi that had been cruising around previously. And after a fairly long tussle the fish finally tires and makes it into the landing net :) A beautiful 11lb 4oz of koi carp.

So, as I said I’d originally decided to pack in at 1530 – but after this I decided to stay until 1600 – which then got extended by several last casts until 1700 – and during which time I landed a further 2 chub and a common carp.

So, final tally for the day…

2 tiny Perch
7 Chub (1lb 11oz to 3lb 8oz)
4 Common Carp (2lb 8oz to 3lb 5oz)
1 Koi Carp (11lb 4oz)

One response to “Session 30 – Haunted By A Ghost…”

  1. Nice little write-up and a beautiful koi. Impressed with your ‘last cast’ work rate.
    Btw – I’ve got a couple of old DAM bubble floats I’ve had since the 80’s which have never given me any trouble.


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