Session 27 – Liz Has A New Personal Best

Thursday 26th May saw Liz and myself heading to one of our club’s members only pools (WL2) for the day.

We arrived at around 0815 to see two vans parked down the end of the pool at the swims that we’d been intending to fish – however, on arrival, the two anglers in situ were just packing in after an all-night eel session it seemed and so we had a short wander round the banks whilst waiting for the swim to become free.

So, anyway, we pre-baited our swims with particle/maggots/groundbait, set up our kit and first casts were made around 0915. Liz elected to fish one float rod, laying-on/lift-method style in the margin area with maggot and a second rod with a small swimfeeder in open water. Myself, I set up two ledger rods with frame feeders – one with maggot/worm baits on a size 12 hook and the second with bread popped-up around 12″ from the bottom on a size 6 hook.

And within a few minutes Liz and I were simultaneously landing small perch of an ounce or two and about 15 minutes later Liz had another small perch. And at 1130 Liz landed a new PB perch for her – 14oz – which superseded her previous one of 10 oz caught at the same venue just one week short of 12 months previous.

Liz with 14oz Perch – New PB

Also she had yet another small perch a little later. Meanwhile, as I was totally biteless since the perch of the morning, I changed over to fishing a waggler with maggot and worm on a size 12 hook at 1430 which led to a few nibbles and eventually at 1600 the capture of a tench of 2lb 15oz.

Tench – 2lb 15oz

And so that was the situation at the end of the session when we packed in and headed home via a couple of pubs.

Liz’s ledger/feeder rod received a few quick and infrequent ‘beeps after switching to luncheon/bacon_grill bait but nothing of note, and my ledgered bread was totally ignored over the entire day.

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