Session 21 – First Tench Of 2016

Tuesday, April 19th, Liz and I set out for a day’s fishing on a club water in Shropshire (WL2) … weather very good – actual spring type stuff – and hopefully we are now past the cold, wet and windy stuff that we’ve experienced for the past several months….

Anyway, we arrived at the site of the pools (there are two pools on site – a small pool that the club allows day tickets on and a larger members only pool which was the one we were to fish) at around 0815 and there were two people at the day ticket pool who it seemed had also just arrived and were net-dipping pre-start of their session… but on our pool there was non-one else – and that was how it remained all day…

So we tackled up after the usual preliminaries. Liz elected to fish two rods – one rod with a small open-end feeder fished with maggot, meat, sweetcorn, etc over the day and the other set up to fish laying-on style with a driftbeater float using maggot and worm baits. Myself, I intended to start off fishing just the one waggler float  rod but at around midday to switch over to fishing two ledger rods with my new frame feeders as a ‘test’ – however, laziness and the fact I had just started catching on the float meant the swap never took place and so I stuck with the waggler, fishing maggot and worm, for the complete session…

Liz’s feeder rod never so much had a twitch for the entire day despite casting around and switching baits… However, her float rod saw early action and she, by midday had landed a small perch and a small roach plus a slightly bigger perch of 7oz. However, come midday, the bites dried up with just the occasional one and despite Liz swapping bait from maggot to worm (as I’d been catching on worm) she caught no more fish.

Myself, I had opposite fortunes with only having a few bites pre-midday – and hooked a few <1oz tiddlers that all dropped off the hook before landing – on maggot… but then I had a perch of 7oz on maggot plus other bites that I was missing (and getting sucked maggots back) and at that point I decided to swap to dendro worm on the hook – and almost immediately had a tench of 2lb 2oz … followed shortly by another of 1lb 12oz … and later by a 2lb 13oz one… and then on packing up at 1545 I dropped the float+bait at the edge of the water whilst I unplugged the rod segments, and on pulling them out I had a perch of <1oz…

Anyway, tackled down, car packed we drove away – the 2 guys on the day ticket pool had already departed it seemed – and there was just one place to call at on the way home – THE PUB!!

2lb 13oz Tench


Water: 10.3C rising to 12.3C over the day…


ScreenHunter_28 Apr. 20 13.33

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