Session 16 – Recovered From The Lurgy

It appeared that sitting facing a cold north-easterly wasn’t the best thing to do on the trip of last week as I ended up with lurgy for the following week feeling so ill at one point that I thought I’d never manage to leave the house again. Note made in notebook: PUT BACK TOWARDS NORTH-EASTERLIES IN FUTURE when at all possible… and so the planned Tuesday expedition failed to take place and it was eventually Friday 25th March when I gathered the kit together and headed to a club water….

Arriving at the water at 0715 I was alone on a bright sunny and warm day – perfect! However, the ideal conditions soon evaporated as, as I’d not realised, it was Good Friday and soon the pool was like Piccadilly Circus in a rush hour with around 8 others arriving there over the course of the day. Another note in notebook: READ DIARY – DON’T FISH ON BANK HOLIDAYS! However, at least the weather held up…. :) And seems it was one-day wonder with the week preceding cold and windy and now the next 5-6 days cold, windy and wet!

So I headed to my selected swim for the day, baited up, prepped the ‘station’ and set up and baited the rods and made first casts about 0820, ledgering 2 rods (8lb main line, 8lb braid hook lengths). One rod was baited originally with worm, maggot and mealworm on a size 12 hook to 8lb braid hooklength, the other with a size 8 hook baited with cockle.

A few twitches/single buzzer beeps over the first couple of hours but nothing substantial ensued and so I swapped the size 12 hook to a size 6 and put on a 1/4 slice of bread as ‘flake’ and swapped the cockle bait over to a salted prawn.

At 1110 I had the first, and only, proper take of the day which came to the bread rod and I landed a small but nice common carp of 2lb 12oz…

2016-03-25 Steve 2lb 12oz Common Carp

Following that even the twitches/beeps tailed away and so I started packing up for the day at 1500…

From what I saw nobody else was catching too much either – although a couple fishing opposite were seemingly having a fish a cast but nothing of size – all seemed around the 2-3lb mark as were all the other fish I noticed being landed.

I did note that the water temps rose well over the day – starting at 7.4C at 0800, by 1500 they had risen 2C to 9.4C.


Water: 7.4-9.4C


ScreenHunter_14 Mar. 26 11.38

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