Session 15 – There We Went A-Blankin’ – Again

Friday, March 18th, and a trip out to a member’s only pool was the job in hand…


I arrived at the pool side and selected a swim basically 15 yards from the car – not so much for ease of access as for protection from the light but nevertheless cold breeze blowing from the north-west at times. On arrival at the waterside at around 0815, air temps were around 3C – and water temps stayed constant throughout the day at 6.8/6.9C.


There seemed a decent amount of small fish surface activity throughout the day with ‘dimpling’ of the surface and also quite frequent ‘fry scatters’ due to possible perch interest…

Two swims were baited up, each with a small quantity of cereal base with hemp and maggot added – one by the overhanging bush on the left and the other just off the bush on the right hand side… and occasional catapoulted maggot top-ups were added over each area.

Two rods in use – both with 8lb mono (Diawa Hyper Sensor) main line, 6” of 8lb Dyneema braid hooklength, 6 gram (just edited as its been pointed out that I wrote 6 ounce originally!) ledger weights  – and a size 12 hook on the left-hand rod, a size 8 on the right-hand one.

Over the course of the day various baits were tried:

On the left-hand rod I tried maggot, worm (dendro), and cockle.. and on the right-hand rod prawn, meat, caramel flavoured/orange coloured paste were given a go – but unfortunately none of these tempted even the slightest bit of interest…


A bad chill – all blocked up, chest bubbling, head feeling like its full of  super-chunky knitting wool. Eased a bit by Lemsip and a hot bath when I finally managed to crawl out of bed at around 1000 this morning but still a bit achy…

Hoping I’m recovered by Tuesday to get out there again though! :)


Water: 6.8-6.9C


ScreenHunter_13 Mar. 19 13.56

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