Session 6 – General Fishing II

Thursday 28th January, after having to cancel the planned Tuesday outing due to bad weather – 40+mph winds on waters surrounded by large trees are not a good place to be even discounting the technicalities of the actual fishing – I was back at the pool I visited on the previous session (VV).


Arriving at the water around 0815, I baited up the swim with a few small balls of groundbait laced with maggot and throughout the session I catapulted out a few maggots at half hourly intervals and the occasional small groundbait ball. The first cast of the day was made at around 0900 and I tackled down at 1430.

I fished, again, with 2 ledger rods – 8lb line – using worm/maggot on a size 12 hook on one rod and bread originally but later swapped to prawn on a size 8 hook on the other.

A few takes were received on both rods but in general were short pulls, too quick to strike at, but one fish did make it to the bank – a 2lb 0oz tench – caught at 0950.

2016-01-28 Steve 2lb 0oz Tench

I was amazed though that water temps over the five days since my previous visit had increased quite quickly  – by 2.0C on average as  on the previous visit I measured temps around 5.3C and the temp on this session was averaging 7.3C.


0930               Air: 4,1C       Water: 7.0C
1030               Air: 5.5C       Water: 7.1C
1130               Air: 8.0C       Water: 7.3C
1230               Air: 10.0C     Water: 7.5C
1330               Air: 9.4C       Water: 7.5C
1430               Air: 8.4C       Water: 7.4C


ScreenHunter_04 Jan. 29 06.39


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