Session 5 – General Coarse Session

Saturday 23rd January saw me take an unusual day’s fishing for me. I don’t usually consider fishing at weekends as from experience from years ago the whole of the working population  appeared to set out for the banks and arrival post-0700 meant usually scrabbling to find any swim rather than a decent swim. However, having missed a normal mid-week’s session or two I thought I’d go out anyway – and was pleasantly surprised on arrival at about 0815 that the chosen multi-species (bar pike) pool (VV) was devoid of any other personage… and remained so all the time I was there – leaving at 1400 due to the chilly southerly breeze at my back starting to get through to me.


I fished 2 11’ rods (‘Avon Plus’, 1.75lb TC  type), ledgering with 8lb mainline to 6” 8lb braid hooklengths, 5g leads on bite alarms – one rod with size 12 hook baited with maggot or maggot/worm cocktail, the other rod with a size 8 hook baited with salted prawn  and, later, cheesepaste (5 year old, stinks to high heaven). I fed maggot, small meat cubes, and small cheesepaste balls and fished tight to the bank of the island shown in the photo and also fed/fished the mid-channel areas.

Anyway, suffice to say over the whole session I had only one single ‘beep’ of my alarms…and the usual blank.

Pool was clear of any indication of fish life at all too – no bow waves, crashing fish, fry scatters, etc – and in fact only life seen was a pair of swans…

Probably venture out again on Tuesday 26th – but not sure what I’ll be doing or where – may return to the pool – may go canal piking – canal coarse – canal lure – pool pike – etc, etc. It will be a later than usual start though as Liz will have the car initially for a doctor’s appointment at 0830…


0915               Air: 7.5C       Water: 5.4C
1015                Air: 8.8C       Water: 5.3C
1115                Air: 13.9C       Water: 5.2C
1215                Air: 12.5C      Water: 5.3C
1315                Air: 11.1C        Water: 5.3C


ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 24 11.00

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