Session 4 – A Pike Attempt

Tuesday 12th January saw Liz and I set off at 0745 to Pike Pool 1 in search of Esox Lucius again.

Another cool morning with air temps varying between 6.8C and 7.0C and a consistent water temp of 7.0C with a northerly wind into our faces (second mistake of the day – first mistake was probably leaving the house in the first place, LOL!).

Anyway, having walked around the pool to the furthest place possible from the car park we started to tackle up – Liz electing to ledger fish on two rods – one with a jack and one with a sardine – and myself fishing two rods as well – one with a submerged float paternoster with a jack presented about 3’ off bottom and the other with a standard ledgered bluey… and halfway through the tackling up a heavy drizzle that was to last a good two hours or more started up…. so up went the brollies…

Eventually though the rain ceased and blue skies and sun ensued, however not enough to counterattack the in-the-face-cold-breeze….

Anyway, at 1300, the both of us having had only a few aborted short (3 buzzer beep) takes in all, we decided to tackle down as the sky was starting to darken on the oncoming horizon… BUT the clouds moved faster than we could pack down and so we suffered another drenching… and then the ***usual*** thing happened – as soon as we get to the car, blue sky and sunshine…


ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 15 14.30

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