Session 56 – Lured To A Walk Around The Pool

Tuesday, November 24th, it’s my 65th birthday – and there’s ONLY one way to celebrate that – by fishing!

So, I decided on having a lure session on Dudmaston Hall’s Big Pool – and only one way to do that – with my favourite Savage Gear 19cm Olive Pearl 4Play Soft Body in a red scull lip…

2015-11-24 Big Pool - The Setup

And I also had an ulterior motive to the choice of fishing style – to explore the 50% of the pool that I’d never previously visited especially as that section looked quite conducive to locating pike and other predators being reed lined and also the deeper part of the pool – as can be seen the opposite, and previously visited, part of the pool is quite sparse in weed growth as the field beyond is used to graze cows who come to the pool to drink.

And so, I arrived at the pool around 1000, and immediately walked to the furthest point on the pool that I would be fishing from knowing that if I fished from the first point I reached that (a) I’d have an aching back before I reached the furthest point and so would give up before I’d been there… and (b) would have a long walk back with an aching back.

Anyway, for the next 3 or so hours cast out and retrieved the lure, casting along the reeds at the banks side , out into deep water, did steady retrieves of various speeds, stuttered retrieves, sink’n’draw, etc – and not one touch was detected nor any seen follows in the crystal clear water.

And so at 1330, I decided to call it a day and headed back to the car stopping just a couple of times for 2-3 casts enroute…

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