Session 55 – Pike Luring With Liz – And The Landing Net Got Wet!!

Friday, November 20th, I had an appointment at the doctor’s to provide a blood sample for my upcoming annual diabetes MOT at 0950 meaning that it was going to be a late start to the day and so Liz and I decided to just go for a few hours lure fishing at a local pike pool (Pike Pool 24).

We arrived at the pool at around 1030 and lured until around 1300 when we left and headed to a local hostelry for a beer…

Lures were for most part Savage Gear 13cm Soft 4Play bodies in their relevant scull lips although a few other plugs (deep divers, Big S, etc) were tried when the water/environment conditions required…

Unfortunately, we both blanked although I *may* (90% certain it was a fish in my mind – more of a ‘snatch and pull’ sensation than a ‘snag’) have lost a fish early in the session when I seem to have had a snap link failure…but that was really strange as I use links of the type pictured which have always been very reliable and as you can see failure is extremely unlikely due to the one piece type of design – and yet a failure I seemingly had as I had the wire trace still attached to the line and the wire loop was unbroken and solid meaning that the wrap of wire of the link itself would have to have come detached and then the link straighten to pull-out…. unbelievable but it does seem to have happened…


However, I’d have had no problem in accepting the fact with this ‘safety pin’ type…

Enter a caption

…which from past experience will seemingly fall apart just by looking at them… and these days I use this type only in conjunction with items being part of a ‘weak link’ … eg links to ledger leads … where their weakness can actually be an asset.

Anyway, apart from that one second of activity, neither of us had any other indication of any pike (or other species) interest at all….

Oh… the wet landing nets?? Well, we did suffer a few spells of showers, one of which was quite prolonged and sharp.. :)

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