Session 54 – A-Pikin’ I Did Go – Fa La La

Friday, November 13th, I set off for Big Pool on the Dudmaston Hall estate arriving in the middle of a quite brisk shower at around 0730… but ,despite a few more showers and quite brisk breezes at times, the day was quite pleasant and warm…


Two rods were set up to fish sunken float paternoster style – both using single+double hook wire traces – one baited with a pair of sprats, and the other a single skipjack – and set to present the baits at 12”-18” from the bottom.

However, despite casting around into different areas over the course of the first 4 hours of fishing not a single bite/nudge/tug was forthcoming and so, at 1230, both rigs were changed over to straight ledger ones with standard twin treble hooked wire traces baited with blueys (aka Pacific Saury) and so fished until 1430, again without any result, when I packed up my tackle and headed back home.

Plans for next week – Tuesday probably back at Big Pool, possibly with just the spinning rods and lures and thus explore the whole pool, half of which I’ve not actually seen yet… and Friday I have a doctor’s appointment for a blood sample to be taken as part of my diabetic checking so, as the appointment is for 1050, it will be a late start out for us (Liz is intending to come too) and so we’re intending to head to Pike Pool 1 for a few hours as its close to home…


0930: Air 11.6C, Water 13.9C
1430: Air  7.0C,  Water 14.4C


ScreenHunter_73 Nov. 14 12.02

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