Session 53 – Piking Again And Again…

Monday, November 2nd, I again set off for Pike Pool 24 with the intention of fishing the opposite side of the pool to my usual location – and I did so… :)

I arrived on the banks around 0730 to a misty start ….

2015-11-02 Misty Morning

… and it remained so for much of the day.

As the water temperatures where quite high still and really not the best conditions for static-bait-on-the-bottom deadbaiting I decided to fish two free running submerged float paternoster rigs with baits set to be held suspended 18”-24” off the bottom and at 15 minute intervals the lines were tweaked in about 2’-3’ to add, what was hoped, extra incitement to the targeted pike… . I shall describe my free-running rig in a later posting as I need to do photos to such end. Terminal tackle, as the baits were smelt and ‘jack’ and hence not large enough to warrant a twin treble hook trace, was 20” of 25lb wire with a size 2 single hook mid-trace with a home-made double hook consisting of a size 12 single whipped on to the back of the shank of another size 2 at the end… the mid-trace ‘2’ being located at the top of the bait’s back under the dorsal fin and with a bait flag to ensure the bait remained attached and also to provide an attraction and a target for the strike of the pike, the ‘12’ of the double hook being in the top of the jaws so that its attached ‘2’ stood proud and free for hooking… and this way the bait fish was suspended horizontally.

However, none of this seemed to have excited any passing Esox into any form of interest at all…. Again.

Trouble with this pool is, is that it holds large quantities of many species of fish of large size including pike – it is a small pool in area – about 2 acres BUT it is a deep pool (avg depth around 10’ 2 rod lengths out but does have areas where the depths drop to over 40’) and so has a large water volume – meaning that the dropping air temps can act only on the small area and thus the rate of temperature drop of the water as a whole is very slow compared to other waters of comparable size… and, personally, for deadbaiting I prefer water temps to be at 8C or below…

So… I packed in the deadbait rods at 1330 so that I could pack up and have an hour’s lure fishing as I walked back around the pool to the car – and this I did but again I could entice no action – and so left the water unmolested…..


0910: Air 10.3C, Water 14.2C
1345: Air 13.3C, Water 14.4C


ScreenHunter_67 Nov. 03 14.49

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