Session 52 – Piking Again…

Saturday 31st October , a day later than planned, I set off for Pike Pool 24 arriving at a little after 0715 and casting in after the usual pre-campaign preparation at around 0800. I fished my usual bank but in the swim before my usual one… the one usually fished by Liz.

Tactics for the day were 2 rods both set up as submerged float paternoster rigs with the dead baits (smelt on one and a ‘jack’ – like a small skipjack, 4” – on the other)… and baits were injected with a mixed fish oil emulsion to enhance their attraction.

Anyway, I fished until 1400 as I had to pack up at that time in order to pick Liz up from work – and I blanked. In fact the only action of the day, despite putting baits in different areas and distances from the bank, was a 15 minute spell at around 1315 when the smelt baited line could be seen to twitch about ¼” between rod tip and water and small ripples emanate from the line’s entry point into the water – from experience this was probably chub toying with and attempting to suck the contents out of the bait’s belly.

In fact, it was a quiet day all round at the pool – the other 3 angler’s there, carpers, also had a very slow day despite fish jumping and rolling frequently…. In fact the best fisher there was the kingfisher that was in the bush alongside me who caught at least 5 fish that I saw…


0800: Air 12.9C, Water 13.4C
1400: Air 14.5C, Water 13.7C


ScreenHunter_66 Nov. 01 11.56

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