Session 47 – A Day On The Silvers/Tench Pool

Friday October 2nd, I set off accompanied by Phil, Liz’s dad – her parents are visiting us from Cyprus currently – over to the silvers/tench pool in Staffs arriving at around 0800.

A beautiful calm day with a bit of fish action spotted as we arrived gave the impression we could be in for a good day. There were still a lot of drifting leaves about though which at times were a bit of a nuisance.

We both fished on the float until 1530 and despite initial hopes the day was very quiet with a few ‘nibbly’ bites and at the end of the day we both had had one perch of a few ounces on maggot, and Phil also managed a barbel of around 2lb taken on a piece of breadflake.

Not sure when I/we will get out again – had planned a ‘family day’ on the waterside but the forecast for next week is not too good so maybe that will go by-the-by….

Other than that, I think Friday October 16th will be the next chance to get out – and, if so, will be my first pike session of the new pike ‘season’…..

Monday, 19th October, we head off for a week’s holiday in Somerset at a holiday camp that has its own resident’s only fishing pool so hoping to get several days on there… :)

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