Session 44 – Return To Old Waters II

Friday 11th September, I visit another of my ‘old’ club’s venues (B&O) – there are actually two pools on the site – a tench/silvers pool and a carp/chub pool but I was set to fish the tench/silvers pool. I’ve not fished the carp pool much – and I’ve only had one ‘proper’ session on there in my four years of club membership, the other visits being for an hour or so after fishing the tench/silvers pool and before heading home as I’m not a great lover and prefer other species and besides which the tench/silvers pool is far more scenic….

2015-09-11 08 2015-09-11 01 2015-09-11 02 2015-09-11 03 2015-09-11 04 2015-09-11 05

2015-09-11 07

2015-09-11 06

It had been planned for this pool to be dredged but it didn’t seem as this has happened yet and there are aerators planned to sit on the two ‘islands’ placed in the pool early June but they don’t seem to have been installed yet either. However, the planned carp feeder seems to be in place and running on the island in the carp pool…

2015-09-11 Carp Feeder 01

Anyway, I arrived at the pool at around 0745 to find no-one else there – and it remained so all day long until I left at 1615 – and after the usual preliminaries I was set up and casting in at around 0830 having chosen to fish the extreme top end of the pool facing down to the island – in the picture group above, in the bottom but one photo I was fishing from the bank to the left of the photo over to the island on the right hand side.

It was then I discovered that (a) I’d forgotten my wallet (luckily it wasn’t needed) and (b) that I’d forgotten to replace the memory card back in the camera after copying off the pictures from the previous trip – and the camera has no internal memory of its own and so is useless without a memory card installed – however, I did have my two mobiles with me (my ‘best’ one kept in the car, and my ‘fishing’ one that is really an old phone with a PAYG card installed so that dropping into pool or losing is not a major catastrophe) so some sort of photos could be taken.

And so, I used two ledger rods – 8lb line, size 6 barbless hooks, 1/3oz leads – and tried bread, meat, prawn and sweetcorn for bait. However, only meat enticed any sort of attention at all with only a handful of nudges and two or three proper bites over the whole day even on that – but I did manage to convert one take into a fish – a 1lb 9oz barbel.

2015-09-11 Steve 1lb 9oz Barbel 02
1lb 9oz Barbel


Air:  13.6C at 0900, 17.3C at 1600
Water: 15.5C at 0900, 14.9C at 1600

ScreenHunter_56 Sep. 12 09.13

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